Fellowship of Catholic University Students
SLS Leadership Conference offer five days of fellowship and evangelical instruction.

Youth ministry.
Young people want to be listened to.

Georgetown students' commission votes not to sanction pro-marriage group
Love Saxa is a group of students in favor of marriage

Take the Time
I think that the human person is like a sunrise.

Pope’s Video to Canadian Youth
Flood the Places Where You Live With the Joy and Enthusiasm

Light means hope, light shines in the darkness

Take the time
I think that the human person is like a sunrise.

The Value of a Smile
If you knew how much you can change somebody's day just by smiling, you would smile more often.

Can I Change My Mind?
There are people who believe that they will never change their minds. How they come to think so?

Pride: a constant struggle
Let us strive with God's grace, to fight our pride and humbly live the truth

What's your own idea of beauty?
An extraordinary experiment worth reading!

Why aren´t we happy when we compare ourselves with others?
We have all at some point in life fallen into greater or lesser degree in this, comparing ourselves in that effort we have to know whether we are better or worse than another

Acknowledge our own weakness
Known finite and vulnerable is an important part of the greatness of man, who can recognize their evil inclinations and fragility.

Anatomy of anger and emotional control
Angry with the right person, at the right degree, at the right time with the right purpose and in the right way, not so easy


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