Can you overcome the routine?
The routine is one of these parasites that are grafted in our life

About sexual identity and social expression.
Which is my social responsibility about this state of things?

How to Say It?
There are many situations and times when we have to deliver bad news

To Commit Oneself
Anyone who has never felt the pull that comes with the freedom to bind oneself, has not even sensed the profou nd nature of freedom

The man, enemy or ally of the planet?
Man is not, by itself, an enemy of the planet, and can’t be accused of all the ills suffered by diverse ecosystems

A fraud called relativism
Is our dignity relative?

The true "gold" of the Olympic Games
The testimony of Luis Felipe Areta, Loli Checa and Yusra Mardini

Merciful Like the Father
Sixty thousand young people to celebrate the Jubilee of Boys and Girls in Rome


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