Put Jesus at Center of Your Life
Christian life is simple; a Christian does not need to do strange or difficult things, but put Jesus at the center of his or her daily choices.

Be Perfect (Merciful) as Your Heavenly Father Is Perfect (Merciful)
St Luke specifies that perfection is merciful love: to be perfect means to be merciful

Pope Francis Gives 2 Verbs of Mercy at General Audience
Reflecting on Merciful Love, Francis Says Christians Are Called to Give and Forgive, and Never to Judge and Condemn

Pope’s Morning Homily: ‘There Is No God of War!’
At Casa Santa Marta, Says We Cannot Turn Deaf Ears to World’s Suffering; Be Ashamed

Pope: No to Worldliness! You Cannot Have Two Masters
Even if we are tempted to, or it seems easier, we should not be ‘worldly.’

Pope's Morning Homily: Logic of the Day After Tomorrow
At Casa Santa Marta, Rejects Spiritualistic Piety, Urges for Entering Into Logic of Flesh of Christ

To Kill in the Name of God Is Satanic, Says Pope
Celebrating Morning Mass in Fr Hamel’s Memory, Francis Praises Martyred French Priest's Courage

Uneasy? Alone? Turn to Mary, Your Mother.
At Casa Santa Marta, Says in Orphaned World, We Are Safe As Mary Defends Us

Pope’s Morning Homily: Division in the Church Keeps People From Seeing the Lord
At Casa Santa Marta, asks for work and prayer to fulfill the Lord’s prayer for unity

Put Away the Cell Phones and Have Real Encounters
At Casa Santa Marta, Urges Faithful to Overcome Indifference, Build Culture of Encounter

What Happens in Heaven When a Sinner Enters a Confessional?
God’s Arms Are Ever Open, and That He Has a Bad Memory

Pope: People Are Looking to Believers to See How We Care for God’s Creation
Today’s world suffers and is in need of our help

Are You Looking for the Real God, Pope Asks at Audience
We have to be careful about what concept of God we conjure up

Pope Tells Volunteers to Knock at the Tabernacle Door
You are among the most precious things the Church has

Pope Francis' Homily for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
'Prayer enable grace to open a way out from closure to openness, from fear to courage, from sadness to joy.'

Pope's Morning Homily: Look in the Mirror Before Judging Others
At Casa Santa Marta, Reminds Faithful to Not Judge Others, But Pray for Them

When I Pray 'Father', It Gets to Roots of My Christian Identity, Says Pope
Invites us to ask the Holy Spirit for help if we do not feel that God is our father

Pope Decries People Shutting Eyes to Sick, Disabled
Criticizes that in an Age when Care for One's Body 'Has Become Obsession and a Big Business, Anything Imperfect Has to Be Hidden Away'

Pope's Morning Homily: To Say 'This or Nothing' Is Heretic
At Casa Santa Marta, Reminds Faithful Jesus Called for 'Healthy Realism'

Pope Gives Lessons on How to Be 'Salt of Earth,' 'Light of the World'
At Casa Santa Marta, Francis Says 'Battery' Keeping Our 'Light' Alive Is Prayer

Pope's Homily at Mass for Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jubilee for Priests.
'A shepherd does not live by calculating his gains or how long he has worked: he is not an accountant of the Spirit, but a Good Samaritan who seeks out those in need.'

In morning homily, Pope praises courageous women of the Church.
At Casa Santa Marta, notes Mary's courage displayed in today's feast of Visitation.

Pope Francis' Homily for Corpus Christi
Clearly, this miracle was not intended merely to satisfy hunger for a day, but rather it signals what Christ wants to accomplish for the salvation of all mankind, giving His own flesh and blood.

Pope's morning homily: Jesus is understanding, doesn't 'negotiate' with truth.
At Casa Santa Marta, Pope prays faithful learn this 'delicate' balance

Pope: Reparation for exploiting the poor will take a lot of penance.
At Casa Santa Marta, decries those who get rich by paying under the table.

Pope's morning homily: Overcome Worldliness
Pope Francis speaks on how even great saints struggled with their temptation.

For too many christians, Holy Spirit is a stranger.
At Casa Santa Marta, warns against reducing the 3rd Person of the Trinity to a luxury prisoner.

We must memorize Gods beautiful deeds in our lives
At Casa Santa Marta, Francis urges faithful to think back often to all great moments Gods created for us


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