Rise up! Look! Hope!
Pope’s Homily for 25th Anniversary of His Episcopal Ordination

Pope: Saints Support Us In Our Lives
The lives of the saints remind us that the Christian ideal is not unattainable.

Pope Francis Receives Venezuelan Bishops
Pope Francis received the Directors of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference , to talk about the grave situation the country is experiencing

Pope: It's Not Enough to Get Mercy; We Have to Give It Too
Francis says future catecheses will focus on spiritual works of mercy

Pope on ecumenism and dialogue in the Caucasus
General Audience: English language summary

Pope at Audience: Are You Suffering? Look to the Cross
Reminds Faithful That Nothing Separates Us From the Love of God

In Address to Catechists, Pope Points Out 1st Lesson of Faith
Says Key Message of Christian Belief Is That Christ Is Risen and He Loves You

Pope Francis Gives 2 Verbs of Mercy at General Audience
Reflecting on Merciful Love, Francis Says Christians Are Called to Give and Forgive, and Never to Judge and Condemn

Pope Francis Proposes New Work of Mercy
Pope Francis has proposed a new work of mercy: care of creation.

On How Faith Brings Salvation
As God has created us: God created us upright, not humiliated — upright.

On the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes
Jesus loves us so much and wants to be close to us.

Pope at Jubilee Audience: Mercy Without Works Is Dead
'Today, the Lord Invites Us to Make Serious Examination of Conscience,' Francis Tells Pilgrims

At General Audience, Pope Shares a Special Prayer He Says at Night
Reflecting on Jesus Healing the Leper, Reminds Faithful We Too Must Ask Lord to Make Us Clean

General Audience: On the Blind Man's Healing, and Ours
From a beggar to a disciple: this is also our path. We are all beggars, all of us.

Pope at Audience: 'Come to the Party! The Wine Can't Be Missed'
In Reflection on Wedding at Cana, Says Can You Imagine Wedding Party Drinking Tea?

English Summary of Pope's General Audience
'To pray well, then, we need to look into our own hearts and there, in humble silence, let the Lord speak to us'.

Pope at General Audience: Pray always, don't lose heart.
Francis reminds faithful prayer isn't a 'Magic Wand', but persevere in it.

Pope at General Audience: 'To Ignore the poor is to despise God'
Reminds faithful in St. Peter's Square That if you close heart to poor, so will doors of Heaven be closed to you.

The relationship between faith, forgiveness and gratitude
But the Word of God teaches us to distinguish between the sinner and the sin: with sin we must not bow down to compromise


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