Baptism 'Christifies' us
Baptism: an unmerited gift that changes our existence

Message of Mercy
The Missionaries of Mercy are meeting in Rome for a few days of prayer and reflection .

How to Remain in Him
John 15:1-8

Holy Spirit
John 14: 21-26

Danger of Slavery
John 14: 27-31a

Separated From Christ
John 15: 1-8

Seeing God Face to Face
John 14: 6-14

Loving to the Extreme
John 15:12-17

The Master and the Slave
John 15: 18-21

I Lay Down My Life
John 10:11-18

Going Through the Gate
John 10:1-10

Nobody Can Steal From Jesus
John 10: 22-30

Our Turn
Mark 16: 15-20

A Life of Service
John 13:16-20

Our Gaze Fixed on Christ
John 14:1-6

Supernatural Secrets
John 14:7-14

We Are Witnesses to the Risen Lord
Luke 24:35-48

The Sincere Search for Christ
John 6: 22-29

The Unbearable Sign
John 6: 30-35

“You Will Never Be Lost Where I Cannot Find You.”
John 6: 35-40

Bread for Eternity
John 6: 44-51

Seeking to Have Your Heart Filled
John 6: 52-59

Are You Going to Leave?
John 6: 60-69

The Power of Personal Freedom
Luke 1:26-38

Born of the Spirit
John 3:7b-15

Children of the Light
John 3:16-21

Gift From on High
John 3:31-36,

Our Meager Gifts to God
John 6:1-15

Walking on the Water
John 6:16-21

The Limit of Evil
John 20:19-31, Sunday of Divine Mercy

The World Awaits Our Witness
Mark 16:9-15

Fire of Mercy, Fire of Love
John 21:1-14

The Supreme Measure of Paschal Joy
Matthew 28:8-15

From Tears of Sorrow to Tears of Joy
John 20:11-18

Unexpected Company and Personal Reassessments
Luke 24:13-35

You are Witnesses of these Things
Luke 24:35-48

Empty Tomb, Expectant Heart
Easter Sunday, John 20:1-9

The Messiah Finally Reveals Himself
Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion. Mark 11:1 – 10

Blind Guides
John 12:1-11

Peter’s Collision Course
John 13:21-33, 36-38

Unmasking the Betrayer
Matthew 26:14-25

Come to Serve and not to Be Served
John 13:1-15

Invitation to Intimacy
John 18:1-19:42

A Christian Only Rents a Tomb
Holy Saturday, Mark 16:1-7

Winning Souls for Christ
John 12:20-33

A Heroic Example
Matthew 1:16, 18-21, 24a

A Life Pleasing to God
John 8:21-30

The Truth Will Set You Free
John 8:31-42

Keeping His Word
John 8:51-59

Whoever is not With Me is Against Me
John 11:45-56

Actions Speak Louder than Words
John 10:31-42

The Need for Some Soul Searching
John 3:14-21

The Royal Official’s Request for a Miracle
John 4:43-54

The Desire to be Cured
John 5:1-16

Greater Deeds Still
John 5:17-30

God’s Testimony
John 5:31-47

Trust; A Lenten Resolution
John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30

Openness of Heart
John 7: 40-53

Unwelcome Homecoming
Luke 4:24-30

Forgiveness from the Heart
Matthew 18:21-35

To Keep or To Abolish
Matthew 5:17-19

Jesus or Satan
Luke 11:14-23

Purify Us, Lord!
John 2:13-25

The Gift of Life
Matthew 21: 33-43, 45-46

The Prodigal Father
Luke 15: 1-3, 11-32

Too Late for Change?
Luke 16: 19-31, Lent

Put God at the Center
Matthew 20: 17-28,

Discussions With Lawyers
Mark 12:28-34, Jesus, teacher, heart, soul, God, Lord

Into the Abyss of Our Unworthiness
Luke 18:9-14

Seeking the Face of God
Mark 9:2-10

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Matthew 23: 1-12

Too Late for Change?
Luke 16: 19-31

Master, Teach Us to Pray
Matthew 6:7-15

Forgiveness from the Heart
Luke 6: 36-38

Holiness and Community
Matthew 25:31-46

Forgotten Gifts
Luke 11:29-32

The Most Important Question
Matthew 16:13-19

Pretending to Be and Truly Being Holy
Matthew 5:20-26

Be Perfect?
Matthew 5:43-48

A Highway to God
Luke 9:22-25

Time of Fasting
Matthew 9:14-15

The Joy of Lent
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

Having a Memory for God
Mark 8: 14-21

Loving Christ for Who He Is
Mark 8:11-13

Corrupt people can never be saints
Sinners who repent are still able to become saints, but the corrupt will not achieve holiness.

The Kingdom Within
Mark 7:14-23

True Worship
Mark 7:1-13

Faith and Christ’s Healing Power
Mark 6:53-56

Humility and Faith: Foundation and Cathedral
Mark 7:24-30

Mark 7:31-37

Two by Two
Mark 6:7-13

Made for God
Mark 6:1-6

A Madman for Christ
Mark 5:1-20

Touched by Faith
Mark 5:21-43

Mark 4:26-34

Caught by the Mission
Mark 16:15-18,

Fertile Ground for the Harvest
Mark 4:1-20,

Stronger Than Blood
Mark 3:31-35

Identity Confusion
Mark 3:22-30

On the Way There
Mark 4:35-41

Christ Chooses Me
Mark 3:13-19, mountain, James, Zebedee, Andrew, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas

Through the Eyes of Faith

The Look that Leads to Deeper Commitment
John 1:35-42

The New Joy of the Bridegroom
Mark 2:18-22

Mankind in Dire Need
Mark 2:23-28

To Do Good or Evil?
Mark 3:1-6

Aspiring to Humility
John 1: 19-28

A Decisive Response
Matthew 15:29-37

God’s Ways
Luke 10: 21-24

Why so Glum?
Luke 21:5-11

Faith that Moves Rain Clouds
Matthew 8:5-11

The Transforming Power of the Cross
Mark 8: 34-9:1. Lead me to you as I seek to I wish to carry my cross with joy as a token of my love and gratitude to you.

Climbing with Christ
Mark 9:2-13. Like the disciples who are humbled by how you pray, but are desirous to learn, I turn to you with trust.

The Baptism of the Lord
Saint Mark 1:7-11. The Baptism of the Lord - Feast.

Jesus at Prayer
Mark 1:29-39. Jesus works tirelessly from morning to night. He never thinks of himself.

A Humble and Contrite Heart
Mark 1: 14-20. Jesus call to conversion and penance, like that of the prophets before him.

The Steep and Thorny Road of Truth
Mark 1: 21-28. Jesus taught with authority because he was both the Truth and the Good.

To Be Free to Love
Mark 1: 40-45. This story is for us, to show us Christ's heart, reveals his love and his desire to free us from sin.

A paralytic and his friends
Mark 2:1-12 I will make a sacrifice today for the person most in need of God's grace.

Saint Mark 2: 13-17. Each day he invites us to follow him, to deepen the communion of love with him.

The Right Word at the Right Time
John 1: 35-42. It can be very difficult for us to seek only God's glory and the good of those around us.

The New Joy of the Bridegroom
Mark 2: 18-22. Jesus, what a joy and what a gift to have this time to be alone with you!

Mankind in Dire Need
Mark 2: 23-28. What a joy, what an honor, what a glory to be the follower of a king like you!

To do Good or Evil?
Mark 3: 1-6. Lord, I believe in you. Thank you for the gift of faith, more precious than life itself.

Touching the Lord
Mark 3: 7-12. Lord, help me to touch you in this moment of prayer. Help me to touch you in the Eucharist so that your presence will transform me.

Christ Chooses Me
Mark 3:13-19. I may be a mere sinner, but with you, Lord, I believe that I can do great things.

Through the Eyes of Faith
Mark 3:20-21. What a joy, what an honor, what a glory to be the subject of a king like you!

A Humble and Concrite Heart
Mark 1:14-20. Lord, I thank you for this time to be with you. I don't deserve your close friendship, and yet you offer me the intimacy of your heart.

Identity Confusion
Mark 3: 22-30. Lord, help me not to be afraid of the battle against evil.

Stronger Than Blood
Mark 3: 31-35. Today I want to encounter you as a friend and brother, Lord. I believe that you want to encounter me and transform me.

Work for the Harvest
Mark 4: 1-20. What the Father has planted in our lives is good. Goodness can bear fruit.

Let Christ's Light Shine
Mark 4: 21-25. God sees us. This is a simple truth an extremely powerful truth. God looks at us with love.

Living With Christ
Mark 4: 26-34. Lord, I believe you have called me to strive tirelessly to extend your Kingdom throughout the world.

On the Way There
Mark 4: 35-41. I want a stronger faith in you. I trust that you will lead me, sinful though I am, to your good harbor.

The Steep and Thorny Road of Truth
Mark 1:21-28. I do believe in you, but I know that I need to believe in you more strongly.

A Madman for Christ
Mark 5:1-20. Father in heaven, my heart is hungry for your word. I believe that you want to speak a word of hope to me today.

Touched by Faith
Mark 5: 21-43. Grant me the grace of deeper trust and faith in all moments of hardship.

Made for God
Mark 6:1-6. I love you, Lord, and wish to lead my brothers and sisters to you through my testimony, through my being truly convinced that you are the life of men.

Learning to Follow Directions
Mark 6:7-13. I believe in you, and I believe that I must follow your will in all that I do.

Grace's Last Stand and Ultimate Victory
Mark 6: 14-29. Although I am weak, I trust that you will keep me close.

Fellowship with Christ
Mark 6: 30-34. ou have pity on me in my weakness because you became weak for love of me. I believe in you. I trust you.

Jesus at Prayer
Mark 1: 29-39. I wish to step away from the world and all its activities to be alone with you now.

Faith and Christ's Healing Power
Mark 6: 53-56. Lord, heal my heart and soul, and help me to do what I must do to maintain my spiritual health.

True Worship
Mark 7: 1-13. Lord, thank you for your Gospel and for all the truth it teaches me.

The Kingdom Within
Mark 7:14-23. Thank you for loving me infinitely. I offer you my weak love in return.

Humility and Faith: Foundation and Cathedral
Mark 7:24-30. I want to learn to be patient when you test my faith. I know you want only to make it grow and bear more fruit in my life.

Be Opened!
Mark 7:31-37. Even though I cannot see you, my faith tells me that you are present.

Goodness in Abundance
Mark 8: 1-10. As you are my Creator, you know what I need and provide for me each day.

To Be Free to Love
Mark 1:40-45. I need you in my life and the life of my family. It is easy to let activities overwhelm me so that I lose track of you.

Loving Christ for Who He Is
Mark 8: 11-13. I approach you now, wanting only to be a more faithful disciple of your Kingdom.

Having a Memory for God
Mark 8: 14-21. I am hungry for goodness that will make this day fruitful in ways that will last, that will not deceive me.

The Power Of Faith
Mark 8: 22-26. I follow you, Jesus. I have faith in you.

Can Christ Count on Me?
Mark 8: 27-33. In you is hidden my beginning; in you is hidden the mission of my life; in you is hidden my future happiness.

Administrators of God's Love
Mark 2:1-12. Lord, help me to overcome the obstacles that paralyze me as your apostle. Give me the faith, courage, ingenuity, and will to overcome them.

Help My Unbelief!
Mark 9: 14-29. I believe that you ask nothing of me that you do not give me the strength to do. I trust in the power of your grace and the care of your love.

The Journey Away from Self
Mark 9: 30-37. I love you and want to love you more by embracing and living out your will. Mother Mary, teach me to say with you,

The Zeal of Charity
Mark 9: 38-40. Lord Jesus, I believe in you and in all the expressions of your goodness and love in my life.

Price of the Kingdom
Mark 9: 41-50. I trust that you will help me treat others as your brothers and sisters. I love you now with my prayer.

One Flesh
Mark 10: 1-12. I love you, Lord, with this prayer. May it increase the authenticity of the love expressed in my daily life.

Children of the Kingdom
Mark 10: 13-16. I believe that you call me to help protect, guide and inspire innocence and holiness in others.

The New Joy of the Bridegroom
Mark 2:18-22. Only you can give me these gifts. Only you can make me a bold and joyful apostle of your Kingdom.

The Price is Right and the Choice is Yours
Mark 10: 17-27. Even though I cannot see you, I trust that you are present and want very much to instruct me in your teachings.

On Sitting and Serving
Mark 10: 32-45. Here I am, Lord, to listen to you and respond with love.

The Gentle Mercy of God
Mark 10: 46-52. I trust in you, hoping to learn to accept and follow your will, even when it does not make sense to the way that I see things.

Jesus and the Fig Tree
Mark 11:11-26. Lord Jesus help me to learn how to unite prayer and action.

From Heaven or Earth?
Mark 11:27-33. Here I am, Lord, to listen to you and respond with love.

Mankind in Dire Need
Mark 2: 23-28. What a joy, what an honor, what a glory to be the follower of a king like you!

Payback Time
Mark 12:1-12. Lord, I come before you humbly. As one who has frequently fallen into sin, I am aware of my weakness.

A Taxing Question
Mark 12:13-17. Give me guidance, Lord, on a big decision that I have to make.

Love the Ones You're With
Mark 12: 18-27. Lord, let me imitate you better in my dealings with my loved ones.

Discussions With Lawyers
Mark 12: 28-34. My hope is that from the little I am able to love, you will teach me to love with a magnanimous heart.

A Good Homily
Mark 12:35-37. I trust that you will teach me to pray and relish what is right and true, good and beautiful.

A Great Contrast
Mark 12:38-44. I trust that you will always inspire my heart to love you in all I do.

With What Can We Compare the Kingdom of God?
Mark 3: 20-35. Lord, I believe in you. Thank you for being so merciful.

Blessed Are You
Matthew 5: 1-12. Father of love, source of all blessings, you have led me throughout my life, and you lead me still.

True Leadership
Matthew 5:13-16. Holy Spirit, sweet guest of the soul, you heal me and strengthen me and set me on fire from the most intimate depths of my soul.

To Keep or To Abolish
Matthew 5: 17-19. Lord, as I journey through Lent I have a great desire to be close to you.

Keep Your Words Short and Sweet
Matthew 5:20-26. Thank you for your loving presence within me.

A Clean Heart
Matthew 5: 27-32. Thank you, Lord, for another day; it is another opportunity to deepen my love and friendship with you.

Yes or No
Matthew 5: 33-37. Thank you for showing me the way home to the Father.

The Fruit of the Kingdom
Mark 4:26-34. Lord, I come into your presence with openness of heart.

Something Radically New
Matthew 5: 38-42. As I begin this moment of prayer, I turn to you as one in need.

We Are All Brothers and Sisters, Children of Our Heavenly Father
Matthew 5:43-48. Lord, you present a message that is not easy for my fallen nature to accept.

The Danger of Vanity
Matthew 6: 1-6. 16-18. I want to show my love for you in this meditation.

Master, Teach Us to Pray
Matthew 6: 7-15. Lord, teach me how to pray.

What is My Deepest Desire?
Matthew 6: 19-23. I love you because you died on the cross for me, to save me.

Only One Master
Matthew 6:24-34. Lord, help me to trust more deeply in the loving providence of our heavenly Father.

Faith in Our Lives
Saint Mark 4: 35-41. Jesus I have faith in you. I know you will be there in times of trouble.

Unjust Judges
Matthew 7:1-5. Lord, help me to rid myself of judgmental attitudes.

The Difficult Path
Matthew 7:6, 12-14. Lord, help me appreciate better the beauty of the Christian faith.

Rerun of Little Red Riding-Hood
Matthew 7:15-20. Lord, help me to see more easily the goodness in people around me.

Built Wisely
Matthew 7: 21-9. I believe in your presence in the Eucharist.

The Gift of Healing
Matthew 8: 1-4. Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.

An Amazing Example
Matthew 8:5-17. Lord, increase my faith.

Touching the Lord
Mark 5:21-43. Lord, help me to reach out to you with faith.

Determined Disciplineship
Matthew 8:18-22. Lord, I come to you in this meditation ready to do whatever you ask.

Letting Jesus Sleep
Matthew 8: 23-27. Lord, grant me the grace of a mature faith.

Casting out Evil
Matthew 8:28-34. Lord, I believe that you are present within me.

Fathoming Christ's Mercy
Matthew 9:1-8. Lord, grant me a deeper experience of your mercy.

Where Mercy Reigns
Matthew 9:9-13. In you I find the reason to abandon the easy path for a more perfect mission of love.

Fasting and Feasting
Matthew 9:14-17. I'm ready to learn the meaning of your command:

Opportunity Missed
Mark 6:1-6. Lord, thank you for this Sunday, the day we celebrate your Resurrection.

Faith is All-Powerful
Matthew 9:18-26. Jesus, you are my savior and redeemer; I believe that you want to hear from me.

How Do You Feed a Hungry Heart?
Matthew 9:32-38. Lord, I bring myself into your presence knowing the zeal of your heart for souls.

Choosing an Apostle
Matthew 10:1-7. The glory of your heavenly Father can shape my own heart.

Go, Spread the Kingdom
Matthew 10: 7-15. I know my poverty, and you are immensely rich in all that I need.

Divisions in the Family
Matthew 10: 16-23. Lord, you are the one constant in my life.

Persecution, for Heaven's Sake
Matthew 10: 24-33. I love you as my savior. I trust you as my closest companion.

Learning to Follow Directions
Mark 6:7-13. Teach me not to place my hope in created things, but only in your will.

Love is Demanding
Matthew 10:34-42; 11:1. I believe in you, I hope in you, and I seek to love you with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength.

Harsh or Rash Judgement?
Matthew 11:20-24. I know and I believe that I can count on your help when I stumble, that you will catch me when I fall and guide my steps firmly in faith toward the promise of eternal life.

Knowing the Father and the Son
Matthew 11:25-27. Jesus, help me to seek you with a sincere heart.

Weary of Heart
Matthew 11: 28-30. Lord Jesus, meek and humble of heart, help me to take on your yoke.

Condemning the Innocent
Matthew 12:1-8. Help me to make every Sunday a special day for me and my family.

The Quiet Healer
Matthew 12:14-21. Jesus, like you, make my heart attentive to the needs of others.

Resting In The Lord
Mark 6:30-34. Lord, I believe that you are present here.

They love Me... They Love Me Not...
Matthew 12: 38-42. Lord, my prayer will �work� only if I have humility in your presence.

Scoring Goals in Life
Matthew 12:46-50. Lord, I begin my meditation aware of my need of your grace and your help.

A Hundred or Sixty or Thirty-Fold
Matthew 13: 1-9. Thank you for the unfathomable gift of your love.

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith
Matthew 13: 10-17. Increase my faith, hope and love, Lord.

Gardening with Taste
Matthew 13:18-23. Lord, I believe in your Incarnation. You became flesh for love of us.

Rolling Up the Sleeves and Gathering the Sheaves
Matthew 13:24-30. Lord, I believe in your Church. I believe that it is the sacrament of salvation, and that you have chosen to lead me to heaven.

A Miracle That Kept On Ginving
John 6:1-15. Lord, I believe that you, the Holy Trinity, dwell in my soul.

Quiet but Steady Growth
Matthew 13: 31-35. Lord, I come into your presence seeking to know you better.

God's Final Harvest
Matthew 13: 36-43. Lord, thank you for this new day. I believe that you are present in my heart.

The Treasure Hunt
Matthew 13: 44-46. Lord, you have made me for yourself, and my heart is restless until I rest in you.

Powerful Net
Matthew 13:47-53. I trust that you are guiding my life. Thank you for showing me that you will triumph.

Lack of Faith
Matthew 13:54-58. I want to allow you to have total control over my life.

Heeding of Silencing the Conscience
Matthew 14: 1-12. Lord, I believe you are looking for me. You stand ready to come to me in this moment of prayer.

Glimpsing the Depths of Jesus
John 6:24-35. Jesus, I believe that you are present in my life. You know all of my thoughts, desires, intentions and deeds.

Feed Them Yourselves!
Matthew 14: 13-21. I hope in your words, not relying solely on my own strength or reasoning.

Mission Impossible?
Matthew 15:1-2.10-14. Lord, may my prayer lead me to step out from my comfort zone today.

Ask and You Shall Receive
Matthew 15:21-28. I believe in you, my God. You called me into existence from nothingness and carefully watch over me.

The Mysterious Man
Matthew 16:13-23. Lord, may I know you personally through faith and a generous imitation of you.

Selling Your Soul
Matthew 16: 24-28. Heavenly Father, help me to seek the things that are above.

Turn to Jesus
Matthew 17: 14-20. Lord, give me the grace to trust you.

The Bread of Eternal Life
John 6: 41-51. Lord, give me faith to believe that you are the Bread of Life.

Death and Taxes
Matthew 17: 22-27. Lord, help me to acknowledge your greatness with my words and actions.

No Cheap Souls
Matthew 18:1-5 10, 12-14. Heart of Christ, make my heart more like yours!

Love for Lost Sheep
Matthew 18:15-20. Lord, help me to grow in my love for the Church and for souls.

Human Harshness vs. the Charity of a Saint
Matthew 18:21-19:1. Lord, grant me a more forgiving heart!

From the Beginning It Was Not So
Matthew 19:3-12. Lord God, fill me with your grace so I can meet your lofty expectations.

The Parental Vocation
Matthew 19:13-15. Lord, help me to be faithful in carrying out the commitments of my state of life.

A New Life
John 6:51-58. I trust in your infinite goodness, and I abandon into your loving hands my fears, my hopes, my needs, my desires, everything.

Money Changes Everything
Matthew 19:16-22. I love you because you are greater than any of the things you have created.

Getting to the Top
Matthew 19:23-30. Lord, you know what is best for me, and that is why I believe in you.

Working for God
Matthew 20:1-16. Dear Jesus, I believe in you because you have revealed your plan of love to the Church.

Wearing the Right Clothes
Matthew 22:1-14. Lord, grant me the grace to value heaven and to live in such a way that I can get there.

Being Like God
Matthew 22: 34-40. Give me, Lord, the grace to practice charity faithfully.

Actions Speak Louder than Words
Matthew 23:1-12. Lord, help me to be humble like you.

God's Loving-kindness
John 6:60-69. Lord Jesus, you have the words of everlasting life.

I Am I My Brother's Keeper? Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Matthew 23: 13-22. I love you, and I know you love me.

First Things First
Matthew 23:23-26. Lord, help me to dedicate my life to weightier matters rather than mere appearances.

To Be or Not to Be
Matthew 23:27-32. Lord Jesus, grant me a sincere and humble heart.

Stay Awake
Matthew 24:42-51. Lord, help me stay awake. I must be prepared.

Ready or Not!
Matthew 25:1-13. Lord, make me long for and strive to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 25:14-30. Teach me, Lord, to take all that you have given me and make it produce fruit for your kingdom.

What Can Separate Us from the Love of Christ?
Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23. Lord, give me confidence in the power of your grace.

He Who Hears You, Hears Me.
Luke 4: 16-30. Lord, I love you and thank you for all that you have done for me.

Christ at Home in Capernaum
Luke 4:31-37. Lord, you have looked with favor on me. You have seen in my soul fertile ground, and you have sown your word in hope of an abundant harvest.

Risen People Called to Serve
Luke 4: 38-44. I am honored that you wish to stop by even when I don't call for you.

The Great Navigator
Luke 5: 1-11. Christ, help me to understand and embrace your call to holiness for me.

Becoming the New You
Luke 5: 33-39. Thank you for looking upon me and blessing me with your love. Take mine in return. I humbly offer you all that I am.

The Heart of the Matter
Luke 6:1-5. Lord, I worship you because I came from you. I long for you because you made me for yourself.

Faith Makes Me Listen!
Mark 7:31-37. Even though I am deaf, I can hear your wise words.

The True and the Good.
Luke 6:6-11. I strive to be a link in the faith chain for many other souls.

Prayer and Action
Luke 6:12-19. Call me to you, Lord Jesus, and remindme of my personal mission.

Leap for Joy for Heaven
Luke 6:20-26. Father, help me to seek the things that are above.

A Most High Ideal
Luke 6: 27-38. God the Holy Spirit, thank you for being the sweet guest of my soul, enlightening my mind, strengthening my spirit and kindling the fire of your love in my heart.

A Humble Mirror
Luke 6:39-42. Lord, help me find humbleness in me.

Know the Tree by Its Fruits
Luke 6:43-49. Lord, here I am again spending time in prayer. I am going to meditate on your word.

Getting to Know the Lord
Mark 8:27-35. I hope in you, and in your power to transform my soul, by your grace, from sinfulness to holiness.

Lord, Say the Word
Luke 7: 1-10. Lord Jesus, I believe that you came into this world to redeem sinners.

Do Not Weep!
Luke 7: 11-17. Lord, I love you, for the great love that you have for me.

Perpetually Dissatisfied
Luke 7: 31-35. Eternal God, prayer is your gift to me. I believe that you give me complete and unlimited access to your power and mercy.

The Healing Power of Love
Luke 7: 36-50. Lord Jesus, help me to be humble and open to interior growth.

Love Is Not Snobbish
Luke 8:1-3. Lord Jesus, I believe that you came into this world to redeem sinners.

Treat Me Like Dirt!
Luke 8:4-15. Lord, I love you and offer you the longings of my heart to put you truly first in my life.

Childlike Trust
Mark 9:30-37. Lord Jesus, grant me the grace of loving trust in you, like that of a little child.

A Just Settlement
Luke 8:16-18. Lord, enlighten my mind and heart to follow your path that leads to the endless day.

We Too Wish To See Jesus
Luke 8: 19-21. Lord, you are the author of life and the giver of all that is good.

Spread the Good News
Luke 9:1-6. Remove from me the way of falsehood, and favor me with your law.

Conversion of the Heart
Luke 9: 7-9. As I enter your presence today, Lord, I know that I am not worthy to be with you.

The Mistaken Messiah
Luke 9: 18-22. Lord, you are the author of life and the giver of all that is good. You are the Prince of Peace and my mainstay.

The Gift of Faith
Luke 9:43b-45. Lord Jesus, strengthen my weak faith and guide me along your paths.

Goodness Among Us
Mark 9: 38-43, 45, 47-48. Envy and jealousy must be rooted out of our hearts. God rewards those who do good to others.

The Greatest
Luke 9:46-50. Holy Spirit, teach me to see myself as the least of all, as one called to serve all.

God's Grace Sets Us Free
Luke 9:51-56. Heavenly Father, keep my mind fixed on the surpassing joys stored up for me in your kingdom.

Costly Christ
Luke 9:57-62. Let me willingly accept the cost of following in your footsteps.

Bumper Crop
Luke 10: 1-12. Good Jesus, thank you for this opportunity to speak with you again and to listen to you. I know that you have longed for this moment we will spend together.

Payback Time
Luke 10: 13-16. Lord, help me to appreciate your gifts and use them to the best of my ability, for your glory.

Better Than Success
Luke 10: 17-24. Let me see, Holy Spirit, that the most important thing in life is to reach heaven.

The Loving Hand of God's Providence
Mark 10: 2-16. Loving Father, help me to be open to your message today.

Jesus Breaks the Habit of Putting Limits on Our Love
Luke 10: 25-37. Lord Jesus, you are the master of the universe, and yet you wish to listen to me and guide me.

Only Jesus, Only Jesus
Luke 10: 38 -42. Lord, I believe that you are my God and my all. You created me, and you made me to be happy with you.

Prayer Has an Important Place in Our Continuing Conversion
Luke 11: 1-4. Lord, teach me through the Our Father to pray more deeply.

The Christian Who Doesn't Pray Treats God Like a Servant
Luke 11: 5-13. Lord, through this meditation, grant me the grace of a greater dependence on you.

Keeping House
Luke 11: 15-26. Lord Jesus, your kingdom come in my soul!

Mary Is My Master Educator in Virtue
Luke 11: 27-28. Lord, help me to imitate Mary.

Hitting the Spiritual Wall
Mark 10: 17-30. Help me, Lord, to accept generously the sacrifices that you ask of me today.

Forgotten Gifts
Luke 11:29-32. This Lent, I want to learn to love you more, as you deserve. I want to be the person you want me to be.

Laws That Bing or Free
Luke 11: 37-41. I trust and have confidence in your desire to give me every grace I need to receive today.

The Grumpy Catholics Guild
Luke 11: 42-46. Thank you for your love, thank you for your immense generosity toward me.

Understanding God's Word
Luke 11:47-54. Lord, help us understand and act based on your wise words.

Into the Lion's Mouth
Luke 12:1-7. When faced with any worry today I will pray, Jesus, I trust in you.

Fidelity to the Holy Spirit's Inspirations
Luke 12:8-12. Grant me, Lord, the grace to stand up for my beliefs today.

To Serve Is to Reign
Mark 10: 35-45. You want to show me the difference between earthly and heavenly glory.

Bigger Barns?
Luke 12: 13-21. Oh God, I come to you today with all my human frailty.

Spiritual Readiness
Luke 12: 35-38. Lord, you watch my every action, know my every thought, and guide my every path.

It is So Hard to Get Good Help
Luke 12: 39-48. Lord Jesus, my Creator and Redeemer, everything good comes from you.

Jesus Fire Must Be My Own
Luke 12: 53-59. Lord, help me to ignite awareness of your love all around me.

Spiritual Weather Reports
Luke 12: 53-59. Lord, I believe that you are here with me. I have come to honor and adore you. Your love sustains me. I want to love you more in return.

The Fig That Was Almost Toast!
Luke 13: 1-9. Lord, who am I that you spend time listening to me in my prayer?

Mark 10: 46-52. Lord, grant me to be a courageous witness of you and your Kingdom.

Jesus Blows me Out of my Comfort Zone, Again!
Luke 13: 10-17. I trust in you, hoping to learn to accept and follow your will, even when it does not make sense to the way that I see things.

The Kingdom of Heaven Infiltrates and Enriches Everything It Touches
Luke 13: 18-21. Lord, help me to value and seek the invisible strength of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Up Against the Narrow Gate
Luke 13: 22-30. Lord, grant me the humility and sincerity to enter by the narrow gate.

God Desires to Draw Us to Himself
Luke 13: 31-35. Lord, I thank you for this time with you and this new day you have given me.

God and Love of Neighbor
Luke 14:1-6. Lord, may I honor you in my work and in my rest and in the way I treat my neighbor.

Friend, Go Up Higher
Luke 14: 1, 7-11. I trust in you, hoping to learn to accept and follow your will, even when it does not make sense to the way that I see things.

Discussions With Lawyers
Mark 12: 28-34. Lord, teach me to love you with my whole heart, soul and mind and with all my strength.

Our Invitation List
Luke 14: 12-14. Oh God, thank you for allowing me to come into your presence. Your love enlarges my soul.

RSVPing the Lord
Luke 14: 15-24. Lord, help me to put aside all excuses when invited to your banquet.

Discipleship: Neither Cheap nor Easy
Luke 14: 25-33. Lord, help me to realize that holiness is worth the effort!

Keeping the Right Company
Luke 15: 1-10. Lord, grant me greater zeal for the salvation of souls.

Responsibility of Possessions
Luke 16: 1-8. Lord, all that I have is a gift from you. May I love you freely and generously with all that I possess.

The Choice Between God and Mammon
Luke 16: 9-15. Father in heaven, I come to you today to praise and worship you.

A Call to Authenticity
Mark 12: 38-44. Lord, help me to be coherent and sincere in my decision to follow your will in my life.

Uprooting Sin
Luke 17: 1 - 6. Lord, may I desire death before committing one sin.

The Right of Gratitude
Luke 17: 7 - 10. Jesus, I believe in you, my Lord and my Creator! You have given me everything, and you owe me nothing.

The Highest of All Prayers
Luke 17: 11-19. I love you my Lord, because you are love itself. Forgive all that is in me that does not come from your love and does not reflect your love.

The Kingdom Within
Luke 17: 20-25. Lord, help me to understand your Kingdom better.

Living My Encount with Christ
Luke 17: 26-37. I hope in you, Lord, as the one who fills my longing to love and be loved.

Never Lose Heart
Luke 18: 1-8. Lord Jesus, my Creator and Redeemer, everything good comes from you. You are the one source of peace and happiness.

Towards Heaven
Luke 21:5-19. Lord, I turn to you today with faith, knowing that you are the Lord of life and history.

Seeing with Faith
Luke 18: 35-43. Lord Jesus, you are the Alpha and the Omega. You have given me life and offer me eternal life with you.

Jesus Is My Guest
Luke 19: 1-10. Thank you for respecting my freedom so that I can offer myself to you. All that I have is yours; I return it to you.

Kings and Gold Coins
Luke 19: 11-28. Lord Jesus, teach me to be patient and persevering in using my talents to serve you and my neighbor.

Build Your Life on the Rock That Is Christ
Luke 19: 41-44. Lord Jesus, many times I have overlooked your love in the circumstances of my life. I know you are always present, even if I don't feel your love.

God's House Is Holy
Luke 19: 45-48. Lord God, teach me greater reverence for your house.

Christ is The Answer
Luke 20:27-40. Lord Jesus, help me to be a child of God, a child of the resurrection.

Open Our Hearts To The Truth
John 18: 33-37. Lord, let us open our hearts, specially at the moment you will appear before us.

The Richest Gift
Luke 21: 1-4. Dear Jesus, I believe that you have blessed me with life and with a vibrant faith.

Why So Glum?
Luke 21: 5-11. Lord Jesus, thank you for this special time I have with you. It's one of the few calm moments of the day.

Costly Catholicism
Luke 21: 12-19. Lord, help me face the difficulties of practicing my faith day to day.

Scary Times
Luke 21: 20-28. Jesus my Savior, thank you for another day and another chance to grow in holiness with your grace. I love you and wish to make you the true center of my thoughts, desires and actions.

The Kingdom Is Near
Luke 21: 29-33. I hope to arrive to heaven when you say it is time. I wish to spend myself for those I should love the most.

Ready or Not?
Luke 21: 34-37. I hope to arrive to heaven when you say it is time. I wish to spend myself for those I should love the most.


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