Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.
January 1, Virgin and Saint.


We start our year with the solemnity of the divine Motherhood of Mary. Head of all the saints, full of grace by the wisdom, love and power of God; she is the perfect definition of all possible fidelity to God and human love in its fullness.

Mary lived in Nazareth where she married Joseph as she consented to God’s invitation conveyed by the Archangel Gabriel to be the mother of Jesus, whom she conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit, placing her in a unique position in God’s redemptive plan.

When Jesus was about thirty years old, he began his preaching and healing ministry as Mary loved and believed in him. She was there when he was nailed to the cross. In fact, she stayed right beneath the cross and received his dead body into her arms. After the resurrection, Mary waited with Jesus' apostles for the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. The apostles loved her. They knew they needed more courage to be real followers of Jesus. Mary prayed for them and encouraged them.

Mary's feast days are special events that happen throughout the year but today's feast honors her as God's Mother as much as we celebrate the fact that she wants to be our mother, too.

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