Thank You, Eternal Love!
There are times when the heart suffers from deep sadness, for sorrows that seem to have no end.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

There are times when the heart suffers from deep sadness, for sorrows that seem to have no end. We think then that God doesn’t listen to us, that He abandons us, that He "tests us", that allows slow and painful diseases or deep dramas in one's own life or that of so many people we really love.

We mourn because selfishness or lukewarmness penetrate and dominate our lives, because sin seems to triumph over grace, because we feel our felder more than divine help. As if God did not hear our sincere prayer, as if He did not hold our hand to leave the world of sin that slowly engulfs us.

When we think like that, we show our blindness. Because God, in a thousand ways, has acted, is acting, and always stands by our side. 

It is enough to look at the cross, to read words of mercy and hope in the gospel of grace, to know that death was overcome on Easter morning, so that sorrows may lose ground, so that the heart may begin to feel a warm embrace and the God who loves and watches over each of His children.

We need to plead with God to give us clean eyes, to grant us a grateful soul. For it is so much the good that accompanies us, because the action of the Spirit in our lives is so intense and strong, because we have so many thousands of signs that remind us of divine goodness. That it will be enough for us to open our hearts to discover that we are involved in a wonderful, beautiful, intensely good world.

Our whole life, then, will become a grateful song. We will feel the profound need to repeat, again and again, what we read in so many passages of the Bible: "We give you thanks, O God, we give you thanks, invoking your name, your wonders by touting" (Psalm 75:2).

"I will, instead, sing your strength, cheer your love in the morning; for thou hast been for me a citadel, a refuge in the day of my anguish" (Psalm 59:17).


"I praise thee, O my God, and bless thy name forever and ever; Every day I will bless you, forever I will never praise your name; great is Yahweh and very praiseworthy, his greatness is unfathomable" (Psalm 145,1-3).


"We thank thee, Lord Almighty God, he who is and who was, because thou hast assumed thy immense power to establish thy reign" (Rev 11:17-18).


The Catechism of the Catholic Church invites us to gratitude, precisely as we speak of faith, for it consists in "living in thanksgiving: If God is the One, all that we are and all that we possess comes from Him: What have you not received? (1 Co 4.7). How will I pay the Lord for all the good he has done me? (Salt 116,12)".

Spiritual life changes as we enter the key to gratitude. Then the sun, the rain, the breeze, the hummingbird, the rose, the smile of the friend, the proof that helps us to recognize our deep fragility and to renew our hope in God. everything becomes a reason to repeat, from the depths of the heart: thank you, Lord. Thank you, Father. Thank you, eternal love!

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