Step by Step Towards God
How to reach God? How do I discover His love plan for my life?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

How to reach God? How do I discover His love plan for my life? How can we accept this plan and live it with peace, joy and hope? These are central questions for our lives. The answer doesn't seem easy. Will I be able to listen? Will I understand well? What if I'm wrong? What if I don't like what God asks?

The heart feels restless, perhaps amid painful doubts. In addition, we feel the strength of evil. Christ, however, has won. Your Easter is also mine. His Spirit reaches my heart. I have nothing to fear.

Darkness dissolves. We see where God takes us. The heart also finds strength for courageous decisions. Then it is possible to take steps towards love. They are steps, often small, simple, almost imperceptible. But so we move, little by little, towards an encounter that begins down here and leaps into eternal life.

Today is a day when I can let God speak to my soul. He'll tell me he loves me. He'll remind me that he died for me on a cross. He will encourage me with his victory over sin. He will cleanse me with his mercy.

The road is before me. I can take new steps towards God, steps that will also bring me closer to my brethren. Soon, if I get carried away by the Holy Spirit, those steps will become a magnificent career. So was the lives of so many men and women who loved to madness. That's how my own life can be, step by step.

However, there is always a risk of quieting the heart with partial truths, which can help at specific times but do not come to answer fundamental questions.

When we do not let ourselves give in for the immediate, or when lucidity allows to look further, the central questions reappear: about our origin, about our destiny, about the possibilities of overcoming evil, and about the realization of the justice for all.

These questions are answered by religious leaders, philosophers, or people from various professions. But not all answers have the same value. Only true answers are for the walker.

We know that the truth came into the world and that it had a name and a face: Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary, agreed to die on a cross and triumphed forever at Easter.

This truth offers help on each other's path and allows us to relativize the relative and recognize what is really worthwhile. Because, as Jesus Christ himself said, there is no point in accumulating wealth for oneself. The only important thing is to seek the Kingdom and its righteousness (cf. Mt 6:33)

Faced with the confusions of our time, amid the avalanche of deception, cowardly or mediocrity, we need light, strength, and good company to walk toward the whole truth. In this way we will live with the certainty that God is our Father and invites us to live as children in his Son, now and for all eternity.


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