What is sexting?
Recommendations not to fall into the trap.

Until a few years ago love letters were the means used by young boyfriends and girlfriends to show their affection and love. With the evolution of technology, the cards have been replaced by the fashion of "sexting", which today has become the new way a couple "shows affection", without taking into account the consequences that this can cause. Also, there is another part of the youth population that uses the sexting to have fun or also to create popularity and gain acceptance among their group of friends.

What is "sexting"?

The term sexting was born from the conjunction of the words "sex" and "texting" to refer to the sending of images of themselves or friends with little clothing or erotic positions through cell phones, computers with a camera, or another electronic device.

All come up when someone decides to take pictures or videos with the characteristics described and sends them innocently to a boy who wants to conquer because she trusts that the receiver will keep the images. However, most of the time these images are often transmitted from person to person to proliferate on the web quickly, leaving the protagonist of the photo or video on everyone's lips

Why do they do it?

Because they believe that an image on their cell is secure without realizing that it can exist: a robbery, a mistake, a joke, a misplacement, and jeopardize their safety.

The second reason is that teenagers are fully confident in the discretion and eternal love of the recipient of the shipment. They lack sufficient life experience that invites them to think of things, in life, changing for many different factors.

Teenagers needing to feel that they belong to a group can feel some pressure that leads them to gain notoriety and acceptance in this context, the digital, so important to them. This factor, added to hormonal fullness, can generate combinations that are not recommended.

The figures that teenagers admire are usually artists, singers, models who are rarely demure, and respectful towards their person. Most of the time teenagers imitate this type of character.

They do not know the consequences they may have in cases of having this type of activity.
The natural lack of perception of the risk that accompanies adolescence and the transgressive spirit unleashes certain challenges. In some cases is simply fun, in others, it serves to flirt or to give another content to a relationship.

Some figures

Data from the National Crime Prevention Center Council indicate that 65% of young people send sexting for fun, while 52% of adolescents have sent some sexting as a "gift" to their boyfriend. Also, it is reported that 60% of adolescents have never commented to their parents about this practice.

Andrés Velázquez president and founder of MaTTica, a digital research company, explains that countries such as Colombia have reflected a worrisome increase in this trend, where 57% of young people have been involved in this activity. While in Mexico there has been an exponential increase in cases of sexting, occupying the first place worldwide, in the exchange of digital files with child pornographic content.
According to the manager, the problem is not technology, but how we use it.

Some recommendations for young people:

1. Value yourself! Your body and your overall integrity are very important. Work on your self-esteem: you're worth a lot! You don't need to be "exposing your body, or parts of your body", to be accepted or valued. they'll appreciate your body, but not you! a young woman who values herself for what she is, because of what is in her heart, does not need to resort to these misguided and dangerous forms of "attracting attention".
2. Reflect on the consequences that this type of practice will bring you if it is disseminated. They say the best secret is the one that doesn't come out of your mouth. The only thing that guarantees that a secret of yours does not spread, is that it does not come out of your mouth. The same happens with photos or films of this nature: the only guarantee that they will not spread affecting your fame, affecting you and your family, is that you do not take them and even less you send them to someone, even if you have a lot of confidence.

3.As it is good not to tell secrets that tell you, if you tell them, is good that you do not spread or forward this type of image if you arrive. Never do to others what you do not want them to do to you.

4. If you have entangled in some kind of problem due to the diffusion of this type of material and need help, do not hesitate to turn to your parents for more embarrassment that gives you. Some organizations can help you if you are in trouble:

5. Learn how to use technology responsibly to avoid the risks associated with it. You have to learn to take care of yourself. You must know what you can do and what not. Never give in to requests that involve breaking those limits, or strangers, or friends, or lovers!

6. Master your curiosity! Don't give in to looking for things you're not going to do well for the sake of knowing what it's like.
Taken and adapted from: The sexting, a dangerous teenager fashion

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