A truth that lights and saves
In Jesus Christ, we find all that the human being craves.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

The truth has a marvelous force. Defeat mistakes, overcome deceit, denounce lies, open prospects of hope, guide to good decisions.

Men and women of all times long to approach the truth. It is not always easy, because the false circulates and consolidates with unusual speed. But It's always a relief to leave the false and get close to the real thing.

Therefore, when we find a truth that illuminates and saves, the heart comes to a port from which we take the strength to resume the path of each day. 

That Truth lies in That Prophet come from Galilee, Son of the Father and Son of Mary, kindly with the children and friend of publicans, prostitutes, and sinners.

His word was firm. His teachings, consoling. Your gestures, magnificent. His miracles, able to overcome incurable evils and hardnesses in souls. 

In Jesus Christ, We find all that is longing for the human being, as he remembered, in a magnificent and always current text, the Holy Bishop of Milan, Ambrosio.

"Christ is everything to us. If you want to cure a wound, He is the doctor; If you are burning with fever, He is the source; If you are oppressed by injustice, He is justice; If you need help, He is the force; If you are afraid of death, He is life; If you desire heaven, He is the way; If you are in the darkness, He is the Light "(St. Ambrose," De virginitate "16, 99).

Faced with injustices that overwhelm, against lies that paralyze, against worldly powers that seek to muzzle those who oppose manipulations and antirights, such as abortion or euthanasia, the truth helps to overcome falsehoods and sophists of all kinds.

Today, as always, we crave that truth. In it, our minds see with clarity. Our hearts receive strength to fight evil. Our wounds find a Savior. 

Only Jesus offers the forgiveness of sins, teaches a true doctrine, is offered as the path to eternal life. Only Jesus allows even the blind to regain sight and that the ignorant Ratisbon magnificent horizons of truth, beauty, and justice.

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