Know about not knowing
Knowing about not knowing makes it possible to avoid assumptions of knowledge that have guarantees of truth

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

It seems a paradox, but one of the most important knowledge is that which leads us to distinguish what we know and what we do not know. 

It is an idea that comes from Socrates and Plato, for those who know what one does not know is important to overcome ignorance and move towards new knowledge.

The problem lies when people don't know what they don't know, and then they think they know what's really out of their knowledge.

In this situation, it is not possible to open to new knowledge, because we can only learn something if we first discover the state of ignorance or error and then overcome it with a better approach to the truth.

Instead, it is easier to recognize one's ignorances when relativization certain insecure information, when we distrust of hasty conclusions, when even what we now think is clear reveals aspects of weakness.

A scientist, for example, who has discovered the presence of a gene in many people who have a certain disease, can assume that such a gene influences the production of the disease, but know to be cautious if it comes to recognize that it is still missing elements to To reach truly irrefutable conclusions.

What is worth to the scientist, is worth to many other areas, for example when They come news (gossip, rumors) about specific behaviors of family or friends. A prudent attitude will allow us to weigh these rumors in the enormous darkness that surrounds them and prevent them from reaching unsubstantiated conclusions.

Therefore, among the most important knowledge of all time, also of ours, there is one that allows us to recognize our own not knowing, and that retains a surprising value. 

Because Knowing about not knowing allows us to avoid assumptions of knowledge that have no guarantees of truth, and because it opens spaces to recognize clues and aids that bring us a little closer to better-funded and more valid knowledge.

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