A time to evaluate one´s own life
Whatever the age of each one, having a time dedicated to evaluating the past helps to touch our hearts.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A young man analyses the trajectory of his life. Good and Bad Decisions. Wonderful encounters and bitter conflicts. Affection and contempt. Diseases and Sports. Studies and, with more or less fortunate, the start of a job.


A person around 40 years old. The trajectory of the past has left traces deeper. There Are ties, perhaps chains, that unite them in a fixed way to relatives and a profession that might seem definitive.

Someone who approaches retirement. The biography has been quite definite. There were successes, there were mistakes. The future closes spaces to hopes and enthusiasm of a young life. 

An old man who notes the increase in his limitations. He has more time to evaluate his own life, with all that was good and bad. He perceives that, despite fatigue, there are still opportunities open to new options.

Whatever the age of each one, having a time dedicated to evaluating the past helps to touch our hearts and ask: Am I satisfied and happy with what has been, so far, my itinerary?

Some, in that look, feel a certain weight in their soul. They're Not happy about their own story. They Suffer from the wrong decisions of oneself or others. They Regret not having opened more to good and love. 

Others, with joy, note that the trajectory has been beautiful. There was, it is almost inevitable, difficult times, but with the help of God and good friends it was possible to get ahead. Above all, it is perceived that the forces were invested in worthwhile things.

It's good to find time to evaluate. Not with a pessimistic attitude, as if there were no longer anything to do, but with openness to open possibilities in the present and towards the future. 

We Can't change the past. It Remains there, fixed, with its lights and its shadows. But we can improve the decisions of the present, if we look at God, if we listen to his Word, if we let ourselves be accompanied by good friends.

Then we will discover that the father invites us to a path of conversion that breaks with ancient sins and that impels us to live most beautifully, that is to let itself love and to love without measure.

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