Human, body and soul
To achieve a complete view of the person.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Throughout history, reflections on the human being have underlined various dimensions, sometimes more than others. 

Some theories exalt the dimension of the body. Others give a special relief to the soul. Others are set in functions, like those of the nervous system, or in ways of living in groups, in sociological key.

We now look at the body and the soul. Talking about the human body means paying attention to its sensitive presence in the world. Talking About the soul means fixating on your intellectual and volitional activities. 

Beyond what can be said about the body or the soul, personal experience and diverse philosophical and cultural traditions have underlined the deep relationship between the soul and the body, between the intellectual and the sensible.

Because it jumps to life in our human condition the mutual dependence between these dimensions, to the point that the same Plato, accused by many as the enemy of the body, had to recognize in the "Timeo" that we should not move the body without the soul, nor the soul without the body...

By analyzing our daily experiences, we recognize how we cannot think well if we have a headache or a restless belly. At the same time, there are times when a particularly intense idea allows us to go beyond hunger and thirst, to take care of something that we have in our hearts. 

One of the great challenges of all time, also of ours, is to achieve an adequate vision of what it means to be men, to avoid reductionisms that exalt a dimension, and that they leave aside others. 

This vision will be able to undertake concrete paths that allow us a healthy harmony between our constituent dimensions. According to the famous advice of old Plato, we will learn to move the soul and body together.

Thus we will find balanced ways of living as spiritual beings who are also bodily, while we will welcome what it means to act in time (with all its potentials and risks), and to do so with an orientation to something that is beyond the Time: Eternity in which one day we shall find God and the fullness of our human condition will be possible. 

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