Moments of transition
How do I look to the future?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Life has ordinary, simple moments, marked by more or less stable routines. 

Other moments are transitional. It ends a period, a task, a job, a diet, a few months of medical analysis. 

A stage is closed. Another new one Is about to begin, perhaps wrapped in unknowns, perhaps as a whirlwind full of novelties.

How's My heart? Is There joy in what is achieved, or sorrow for what has been left behind? 

How do I look to the future? Does the illusion Shine with what is to begin, or the fear of the unknown?

In times of transition, we can stop to examine whether our life has a definite course or if we let ourselves be swept away by events. 

I'm Looking for a little silence. From my heart, I ask God how he sees me, what he thinks of the march of my life, what he is asking me now. 

Family and friends, acquaintances, and co-workers have passed or passed through similar stages of concerns and changes. We share the experience of transitions.

Some warn me of dangers, others expect me an improvement. Others simply do not perceive the restless state of my soul. 

In this situation, in this bend of the road, I make new decisions. I hope, with God's help, to be more available to love, and more full of hope.

Little by little the meaning of the new will be revealed. I ask God to help me to move towards that which brings me closer to God and the brothers, to the conversion and to the joy of living the Gospel...

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