What we can change
We can change many more things than we imagined.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We cannot change the facts once they have occurred. But We can change so many situations and facts that happen now from laws and unfair budgets. 

Because to put the cry in the sky after an attack does not return the life to the murdered innocents. But It is possible to work seriously to overcome the diffusion of assassination ideologies.

Because It is of no use to denounce the results of an election in which populist groups have expired, when we can now, among family members, friends, and acquaintances, promote the love of justice and respect for unjustly persecuted minorities. 

In a world where it is very easy to make statements after guilty disasters, it is important to encourage all that is used to defend children before they are born, to help families, to improve education and health. 

We can change many more things than we imagined. In the small and close: it is great to offer arguments to a family deceived by abortion ideas to begin to help women with difficult pregnancies.

In the great and far-off: a prayer for politicians to become and for governments to work truly in favor of justice comes to the heart of God that allows the miracle of a change of our leaders. 

The suffering of millions of human beings who wait day after day for a little justice and support calls us and invites us to work on so many things that we can change.

We won't always see positive results right away. But at least we will have signs of hope, near or far from us, so that this world can open a little more to God and, from God, be fairer, more welcoming, fuller of true love.

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