What was done wrong
Let´s do good things, and look for results to improve the world.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A bridge opened a few months ago. A good day, there is an unexpected landslide, perhaps with dead and wounded. 

We assume something went wrong. Which implies, in many cases, looking for responsibilities. 

Talking about bad things is possible because we believe that there are things well done. I mean, because we distinguish between the bad and the good.

Something was done wrong because, in haste, by carelessness, by recklessness, by diversions of funds, a project began which then failed, even that caused serious damage. 

On the other hand, something was done well when the right measures were taken, the best means were sought, deceit and recklessness were avoided, and in the end, work was achieved which, we hope, will help people.

In the world we live in, we continually witness bad deeds that cause harmful situations. So what we do to avoid them will open up horizons to good results and improve the world. 

Of course, we can never say that we come to consider all the variables and to control all the actions of those who participate in a project. There are inevitably hidden dangers that appear at any time.

But the fact that there are so many indeterminates in many human affairs does not discourage enterprising hearts who are looking for how to carry out good projects and how to dress them up with charitable securities. 

If, in the end, something goes wrong, at least there will be a certainty that the task was done responsibly, specific ways will be sought to help those who may suffer as a result of unforeseen damages, and will learn from what happened to increase precautions in the future.

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