What surrounds questions about why
​The question is often accompanied by other questions or reflections of interest.

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There are people who, with motives of different kinds, continually launch that brief and stimulating question: why?

The question is often accompanied by other questions or reflections of interest. Why do people greet Each other By shaking hands? Why does a Catholic have to go to mass? Why does the Catechism say that this or that is sin?

These questions (thousands and thousands) arise many times from a previously accepted idea. In the case of going to mass On Sundays, for example, the previous idea might be that there are other ways of living the faith that would make it unnecessary to go to mass.

Those people who often question us with their questions do not ask about everything. Who questions us, why we must abstain from meat on Fridays of Lent surely, will not ask why in the time of Easter is invited all to joy.

Therefore, behind the many questions about certain reasons there are doubts, or preconceptions, or ways of feeling, which are the reason to seek an answer to something that does not seem, to whom he asks such questions, clear or convincing.

There Will Be, we cannot deny it, some questions that arise from mere curiosity. Why are there projects to explore the surface of Mars? Even in such cases, the question is directed at a topic of interest, arising from previous training, by recent books or news, or for other reasons.

Sometimes it would be nice to ask the questioner why he asks about space travel and does not ask about the wars in Yemen, South Sudan, or anywhere else on the planet.

Because, in formulating that question to the questioner, we try to know what interests, what budgets, surround their continuing questions about issues, and the absence of questions about others.

Studying in-depth the questions about why and what surrounds it becomes a path that helps us to better orient the answers because we will have a better vision of what leads our interlocutor to formulate, frankly, that simple question: Why?

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