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Where does the idea of better be born?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

It's better to know than to ignore. It's better to enjoy health than to be sick. It's better to have good friends than to suffer harassed by bad enemies. It's better... 

Where is the idea of "best" born? Why do we continually compare between two possibilities, two people, two objects, and we say that one is better than the other?

The answer is not easy. In part because there are no equal criteria for everyone when it comes to thinking about the best. In part, because the best is united, in an inseparable way, to his opposite idea, the worst. In part, because many times we were wrong: it seemed better to be worse…

Despite so many difficulties, we cannot stop looking for the best in life's thousand options. We Want the best shoes in terms of comfort, duration, and cleanliness. We Want the best food, more balanced, that promotes health and gives us strength for the activities of the day. We Want The best means of transportation, safe, cheap, and fast.

Also those "best", however, contain levels of risk. Because that good food tomorrow will be bad For me. Because that fast train was ruined in a tunnel. Because my best friend a good day will die…

Is it, then, illusory to always seek the best? Should we surrender to unforeseen events or continual changes in temperature and health? Do I Need to resign myself to never finding a friend who is always there to help? 

The truth is that, in the thousand human ways, there is Someone who far exceeds any good desire that can lodge in my restless heart. Yes: There is a God who is a Father who is a friend who is a Savior.

Only when my gaze and my heart rest in God, as St. Augustine taught at the beginning of his "Confessions," will I be sure that I have found the best that any human being can desire in this life and eternity.

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