The tyranny of curiosity
With less time in useless searches, we will have more time for people.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We want to know so many things: about time, sport, taxes, government plans, the adventures of a famous character, what the neighbor of above does... 

Curiosity gradually increases. We look for news, we surf the Internet. One page leads to another. Time passes. It Doesn't seem enough what we've found. We'Re still digging.

Little by little, curiosity can become a tyrant. As thousands are the questions and doubts that revolve in the head, the search for answers begins to be almost obsessive and tiring. 

Many times we do not realize this process. Curiosity leads us to deceive: just one more data, only this loose detail, only this blog that offers news, only the opinion of that famous writer…

In the beginning, we looked at the clock: it's been a few minutes. We do not realize that the sum of those minutes, throughout the day, can become hours... 

Meanwhile, the room is still in disorder. A family member expects a call we don't do "because we don't have time." And the official form that we have to fill, urgent, we leave it for tomorrow…

We need to wake up. Curiosity is dangerous if it surrounds us with its tentacles, deceptive precisely because we feel free to seek or not seek... When in fact we can not stop making a new click. 

If we learn to use the mind and the will that God has given us to prioritize priorities, to open our eyes to homework, to recognize that the most important thing is to serve the family and so many people in need, we will begin to break chains of curiosity.

We will discover, with surprise, that with less time in useless searches we'll have more time for people and issues that await our decisions and our energies. We will be freer, and use the gift of time rescued to serve God and the brothers...

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