Consciousness as an inner Sentinel
Consciousness, once heard in a proper way, becomes a beautiful ally.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

In the famous novel by Johanna Spyri, "Heidi", Clara's grandmother intervenes in several moments with observations and teachings that retain their validity also in our day. One refers to that great gift that God has given us: consciousness.

Towards the end of the novel, the facts were swirling. Especially, it highlights the mysterious rage that arises in Peter, the Cabrero friend of Heidi, and jealous towards those who prevent her friend, according to him, being by his side.

Led by that rage, Pedro takes advantage of a time when no one sees him throw away the wheelchair that serves Clara, the city girl who is unable to stand up for herself. 

After this act, Peter experiences terror at the idea that he can be discovered. 

Soon, and surprisingly, Clara reinforces his legs and one day begins to walk better.

Several days later, Clara's father and grandmother come to the house of the Old Man of the Alps and discover full of joy the improvement of the girl before invalid. 

The grandmother perceives the anguish in the face of Peter, intuits what has happened, and offers a few words full of affection and wisdom. Here is the text:

"Come On, boy! (...) Were you the one who hasted the armchair from the top of the mountain? This is a bad deed, well you know it, just like you don't ignore that you deserve to be punished. You had to do the impossible so that no one would find out about your action.

But to assume that a bad action can remain hidden is a mistake. God sees it and knows everything. When he realizes that someone wants to hide his bad deed, he wakes up in his heart the sentry that He has placed there, and that he stays asleep until evil is done. The Little Sentinel has a needle in his hand and incessantly in the heart of the one who has not done well, not giving him an instant of repose. His Voice tortures him also by constantly telling him: They Will discover you and punish you. And the bad, debating between fear and anguish, cannot live in peace. Isn't this what has happened to you, Peter? “

That's how consciousness works, that Inner Sentinel that warns us not to commit evil; And that denounces, with that experience of remorse, when we have committed it. 

The Conscience, once heard properly, becomes a beautiful ally that allows us to orient the life towards the good, to deviate from the evil, and to propel to the repentance that cures the sins committed.

Other explanations of the grandmother of Clara to Peter, in the end, it adds this last exhortation: 

"Whenever You feel the temptation to do something, think of the little sentry that you carry inside the heart with its sharp needle and its terrible voice. Will You always remember? " 

God has left us an inner sentinel, consciousness. With his voice, that Sentinel helps us to move away from evil, to recognize that evil when we have committed, to repent, and seek to repair it.

Above all, with that voice, it impels us to orient our life towards the good, to dedicate the best of our time and energies to the most beautiful thing that we can imagine: the love to God and the neighbor.

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