The pursuit of kindness
Keep your heart open, to discover the goodness.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Throughout the day, hundreds of possibilities arise before our eyes. What to do during the trip to work, in a time of rest, when visiting a relative, while we sit at the table?

Many options, we perceive it with more or less clarity, lead to an advance of evil. They drive us to selfishness, hurt relatives, friends, or acquaintances, generate wounds that are difficult to heal. 

That is why we need to keep the heart open and the mind agile for the most important search: the one that allows us to discover the goodness that is attainable at every moment.

The pursuit of kindness is not easy, because sometimes doing good costs, because our passions are hurt. After all, the world drives towards greed, sensuality, and hatred. 

But If we let ourselves be healed by Christ, if we recognize how much he loves us, if we ask forgiveness in the sacrament of Penance, if we nourish ourselves with the Eucharist, we will see that it was very easy to move towards love.

We will be able to start each new day with a simple but demanding purpose: Today I will put aside selfishness, today I won't listen to the passions or the insinuations of the demon or the world, today I'll be attentive to what God asks of me. 

With Surprise, we will begin to perceive his inspirations. The Holy Spirit will become a close friend who facilitates the discovery of attainable goodness at all times.

We will have, above all, an inner strength, from the grace of Christ, that impels us to travel the most wonderful and great path we can choose: that which brings us to sincere charity towards God and the brethren.

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