The Beauty Of the Ordinary
The love of God allows living with intensity every moment until rescuing him from the darkness of the dismissal or the routine.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Time to get up. We spent a few moments for personal grooming, ordering clothes and cleaning the room. They are simple gestures, with no apparent relevance, which are part of the ordinary. 

Then, the day is woven by other moments that do not shine. Leave the house, take the bus or the subway, enter the workshop or the office, the long hours of the usual work.

The ordinary seems unimportant. It does not shine like a special walk, or as a vacation, or as a visit to a new museum, or as a long-desired appointment with a specialist doctor. 

However, most of our lives are spent in those ordinary moments, where we often put little enthusiasm because we perceive them as unimportant facts.

One of the secrets to taking full advantage of the existence we receive from God as a wonderful gift is to discover and seize intensely all that belongs to the ordinary. 

More than one has said that holiness consists of living extraordinarily what is ordinary. Which means to water with love and hope every moment of our daily work.

The love of God allows us to live with intensity every moment, until he rescues him from the darkness of the dismissal or the routine, to give him the brightness of what we do with joy. 

We thus Apply the Council of Christ himself: not to anguish in the morning, but to live the present to seek, there, the Kingdom of God and his righteousness (cf. Mt 6,31-34).

Then the ordinary wear and exhilarating beauty. The heart enjoys ironing a shirt, waiting for the water to boil for rice, and removing the dust that has accumulated on the bookshelf of books...

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