Soul Iluminator
Suffice some humble hearts

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

In Moments of darkness, confusion, doubt, deceit, it takes light, frankness, courageous attitudes of love to the truth. 

Those Moments of darkness arise from the hatred and cunning of who, from the beginning, is the father of the Lie: the Devil (cf. Jn 8.44).

Then, those who turn away from God and seek a world only "human," welcome and encourage falsehoods around him. 

Lie arrives at the world of universities and schools, literature and cinema, Internet and press, politicians and some religious phenomena. 

But the truth cannot be held captive, nor lies can bury it. For some humble and courageous hearts suffice for the light to be welcomed and to enlighten those who come to it.

The world is starving for soul-brighteners. As groups of power seek to sow errors and persecute lovers of truth, enlighteners become stained glass windows that reflect the Gospel (cf. Jn 1.9). 

We ask God, with confidence, to send more enlighteners of souls, more men, and women who have found the truth and share it generously and joyfully with others.

Thanks to them, many will be able to open their eyes to overcome the evil delusions. Then they shall receive the truest News of human history: Jesus is the Son of the Father, sent into the world to save us from sin and death...

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