I do not confess because the priests tell the sins
Do not be afraid to confess. Your secret will be safe.

Unfortunately, there are many rumors in certain Catholic circles that certain priests reveal secrets of confession. I can assure you it's not like that.

I can tell you an example of how a lying statement has made a Catholic not confess for more than 30 years. Don't trust what people say.

In the anonymity of a taxi, the driver tells the priest that he is not confessed for more than 30 years even if he is participating in Sunday mass every Sunday. And he tells the reason:

"Before I was a taxi driver I worked as a house clerk. One day at the house, 200,000 dollars went missing. The lady of the house sent us to the parish to go and confess. I used to do this every month.

At the return the lady told us -we were several-: "The priest has called me; you have robbed me". Since then I will no longer confess because the priests tell the sins of their penitents".

The priest asked him, "What parish?" The Taxi Driver said the name of the parish and commented on the nationality of the priests there who were foreigners.
The passing priest said, "For you to see that God has wanted to end his suffering listen well to what I am going to say. I have been parish vicar in those years in that parish. Maybe I was the one who heard your confession. I can assure you that the priests of this parish would rather die before divulging the secret of confession. The lady must have lied".

"Consider another thing: how many taxi drivers are there at this time circulating? That'll be about 30.000. How many priests of that nationality will there be at this time in this city? No more than 15. You can see that it was very unlikely that we would find each other. What god wants to say is that it is enough to be resentful, to confess, and finally to be able to commune again after so many years".

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