Wound in the soul
The love that endures, we know, is called charity, and has its origin in Gave.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Wounds on the body can be superficial or deep, causing small or large damage. 

Wounds on the soul may be light or serious, but they do not behave like physical wounds. 

Because In many cases each heart can react differently to an insult, a betrayal, a contempt, a failure, and become "invulnerable" or extremely fragile.

What happens after the offense depends, in large part, on oneself. That is Why some come out of very serious attacks, while others are shipwrecked by a simple critical allusion. 

There are Protective barriers that each one can put in his heart. According To These barriers, you will have more energy to overcome setbacks, or more vulnerability when a setback occurs.

Not everything, of course, is in our power. Because there are facts that break any armor and penetrate to the innermost of each one. 

So, how do we keep going? How to act before the thousand possibilities and surprises, some good, some bad, that come to us continually?

If inside there is a strong and safe love, if we have learned that nothing in this life has permanence, if we distrust healthy appearances, we will be better prepared not to succumb to the first blow. 

The love that all bears, we know, is called charity and has its origin in God. Besides, "We know that in all things God intervenes for the good of those who love him" (Rm 8.28).

Life is on its way. There will be blows and setbacks. There Will Be wounds. With hope, with patience, with humility, with the gaze placed on God, and with the help in so many good hearts, we will be able to overcome the test and move serenely towards the ultimate goal: the encounter with the Father who loves us.

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