Talk and act
What has been said and done from love and love will be written in the heart of God.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Talking, giving opinions, offering ideas, proposing initiatives: it seems easy. It is Enough to have inventive, a little skill to communicate with others, and that natural impulse that leads many to say what they think.

Act, put on gloves, and fix a boiler, help an old man in his hygiene, fill out the forms to get the documentation ready: It's not that easy. Even some people feel almost paralyzed.

It hurts Us, in so many human fields, to find out how some people talk and think without stopping, and then slip away when it comes to tackling the most fundamental tasks. 

Backward, we are glad, in the way of life, to find people who sacrifice and surrender to tasks, sometimes ungrateful, but necessary and, in many cases, meritorious, because they have affection for others.

Therefore, rather than limiting ourselves to observe these phenomena, it is worth asking: Am I one of those who again and again think and argue, with greater or lesser abilities, but then they hide if they have to assume tasks not always pleasant?

Actions indeed need, in many cases, a word to support certain causes or to promote greater dissemination of good. But It is also true that in other cases one regrets hearing so many speeches and then experiencing some loneliness when it comes to concrete work.

In a world where opinions abound, where technology allows filling words so many issues, will be welcome those hearts that discover the needs of family, friends, and acquaintances, and then invest some of their time to promote the good and fair.

Which is worth, too, in the world of faith. It is Enough to remember those words of the Master: "Not everyone who says to me: Lord, Lord, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but do the will of my Heavenly Father" (Mt 7.21). Because It is of no use, Jesus added, listening to a good speech if it is not taken into practice.

Talk and act. This starting day, I have opportunities for one and the other. What is said and done from love and Love will be written in the heart of God and open at home, at work, in other environments, spaces of joy, and concrete signs of authentic kindness.

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