The danger of quick answers
Take time before you talk, before you decide, before you give an answer.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A tip that is often heard: take time before you talk, before deciding, before you answer. 

That Advice is more urgent in the world where it is so easy to give quick answers. 

Technology allows a message to reach our ears or before our eyes in an instantaneous way.

After reading or listening, the answer can be formulated in seconds and released as a speedy arrow. 

What happens is that a quick response can be caused by errors, damages, regrets, even conflicts. 

Because many issues and situations deserve to take time, according to the traditional council.

Therefore, in the face of a message that arouses in oneself a desire to respond quickly to defend itself, or to offend the other, or to make a decision that we will then regret, it is best to take time. 

calmly, with the request for help to good counselors, with a time of prayer to receive the light of God, things start to look different. 

And with more elements and more serenity in the soul, we can think what response to offer, what decision to take, especially if it is something that affects us in a more intimate and complete. 

This way, in the face of the danger of quick answers, we will live calmer and be more prudent.

There Will Be Mistakes because there is no shortage of situations in which not even the calm allows us to correct in the answers. But they will be less and, with goodwill, we can seek remedies that serve to clarify things and to walk with our neighbor in a climate of greater peace and harmony.

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