Discussions on particular aspects of Catholicism
If someone claims that the Catholic Church does not come from God or be assisted by the Holy Spirit…

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The Press, the cinema, the people, even some governments, have put and question particular aspects of Catholicism. 

Thus, discussions arise about the contemplative religious life and its "utility". Or about the celibacy of priests. Or about sexual morality, especially about contraception. Or about the Pope's infallibility.

The list could be a lot longer. Usually, the arguments and doubts arise when confronting a point of Catholic doctrine with cultural, philosophical, scientific, or other ideas disseminated in our time. 

Discussions and discussions can develop with greater or lesser depth. Sometimes they focus on specific points and leave aside other aspects that are seen as less relevant.

The discussion on a point of Catholic doctrine or morality cannot put aside a series of fundamental questions: who founded the Catholic Church? What guarantees does it offer? Is There a God behind his existence?

These and other questions allow you to confront discussions about other points in a global perspective. Because criticizing the Church because it does not allow the ordination of women and not saying anything about the Catholic belief about the Resurrection of Christ is strange and carries the risk of losing the right perspective.

Therefore, before criticizing this or that teaching of Catholics, it is worthwhile to stop on the guarantees (or lack thereof) that the Church has when presenting itself as founded by Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary. 

Only then will the discussion on a particular point be better contextualized. Because If one claims that the Catholic Church does not come from God or is assisted by the Holy Spirit, the debate will unfold in a very different way from another who does accept that God founded the Church and sustains it and accompanies it throughout the centuries.

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