Debates among Catholics on the Internet
It is worth asking a few questions before writing a comment on the internet: does this help the interlocutor and potential readers?

Catholics also debate on the Internet: they do it among themselves and with those who are not Catholics. These debates occur in forums, blogs, social networks (Facebook and others), in comments to news, etc.
It is not difficult to find, in debates among Catholics, heated discussions, malicious allusions, disqualifications, insults, signs of intolerance. In some cases, and the face of a debate between two or more Catholics, there are often comments from those who, as if they were external observers, are surprised, rejoiced, or disgruntled.
The recrimination, question or signal of astonishment that arises from those "external" observers sometimes takes a tone similar to the following phrases (invented but not far from real cases):

"Good example gives Catholics when they argue with each other!... Have they learned in the Gospel that they are destroying each other?... To see them arguing is no longer necessary to prove that Catholics are intolerant... If you do not know how to talk among Catholics, how will you treat those who are not?... With reactions like those that show, is clear that non-believers or members of other religions are much better than you..."
It´s of Justice to note that many debates between Catholics have a serene, constructive, respectful tone, even in situations where divergences are evident. But in other cases, the reactions are so intense and aggressive that one wonders: doesn't it have to be noted that one is Catholic for finesse and education when it comes to arguing with others?

Therefore, before intervening on a subject, the Catholic needs to remember important aspects that are born not only of the elementary rules of etiquette that are worth for any social sphere (also for the Internet, something that cannot be forgotten even if one participates as anonymous or with a nickname) but from the same identity as the follower of Jesus Christ.
That´s why it is worth asking a few questions before writing a comment on the Internet: does this help the interlocutor and potential readers? Do I pluck from faith in Jesus Christ or a debatable idea? Did I understand the other point of view or have I been blinded by unjustified prejudice?
Above all, you have to keep in mind the most important questions: do I love those who are or can get to this page? I want to offer you a treasure that I have in my heart for having received from a good God and others need to discover, also through the lines that I can offer them with my contributions?

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