What do young people think of themselves?
Here I am a video shows very well the dreams, joys, difficulties, and contradictions of this age.

"I am": young people are full of life. We live dreaming, imagining futures, turning possibilities into palpable realities. We seek to live to the fullest every experience. We dream of experiencing every feeling that life gives us. We look at our elders, and sometimes we ask them where the dreams they dreamed were. We cast them into their faces their lack of joy, their discontent. We ask you not to take away our hopes, not to erase our desires, not to rob us of the illusion of dreaming of a different world, to dream of happiness.

"Here": young people also realize that we are far from what we are looking for. We see the present (and also the process of our elders) and we know that much is missing. We are sometimes judged by those who precede us. They think that we dream of very big things, that are unfeasible. They want to warn us of all dangers as if we were not aware of it.

But we realize the world in which we live. We see that he lacks joy, he lacks delivery. We see that many live without a smile on the face. And we see that many young people like us also experience this. The "Here" we live in is difficult. Sometimes difficulties come from conflicts between us: we often hurt each other.

"Here I am": The video We present shows many young people from different places who live all these experiences. They tell us their desires, their contradictions, their dreams, and their sufferings. The "twenties" are a very special moment in life. It is time to live many experiences, to start making dreams, but at the same time, it is time to settle down, to make the fundamental decisions for life.

I think this video shows very well the dreams, joys, difficulties, and contradictions of this age. However, he is left alone with a message that being young is having to live these experiences "thoroughly", but that they do not lead anywhere. There is no commitment to a worthwhile life project as the answer to these contradictions.

"Here I am, Lord": The answers of these guys are very good to be able to question the young people of today. It raises your current situation in a very eloquent way. However, it does not take into account a fundamental reality: God wants something from us, young people. He has put these yearnings so that we live them to the fullest all our lives. He invites us to live life to the fullest, but not in a mere "authenticity", but in the true commitment of love. Pope St. John Paul II gives us some very rich words:

"Dear Young people, only Jesus knows your heart, your deepest desires. Only He who has loved you to death can fill your aspirations. His words are words of eternal life, words that give meaning to life. No one outside of Christ can give you true happiness".

From the video you can discuss some questions:

1. Where am I? What's my world like? What values do you promote and how do you see youth?

2. Do I feel like I'm only in this world? Or do I want to do something important and big with my life?

3. What does Christ invite me to? Have I thought or heard what you want from me in this world?

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