The temptation of the “just this once”
Temptations come every day and in many ways. One is accompanied by a discreet voice: “ Just this one”

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Temptations come every day and in many ways. One is accompanied by a discreet, almost friendly voice: "Just this once." 

That voice tells me that just this time see more TV time and leave the family chores.

Or that just this time listens to a famous song with a letter that is not recommended or that only this time say a small lie, because besides everyone does it and is not going to harm others or that only this time do not go to Sunday Mass, with the almost perfect excuse: I went to mass during the week.

Or that only this time scream at home, because it is good that you always have to bite your tongue. 

Or just this time I'm late for work because if even the boss gives a bad example... 

In this way, the "ordinary" temptation is dressed in sweetness, kindness. It's just once, nothing happens, the world keeps spinning, and God is very good…

But that temptation destroys us, departs from Love, pushes us to a second time (if nothing happened in the first, it seems that it was not so serious), and another, and another... 

The way of love goes exactly in the opposite direction. Because if you love it's not worth saying "just this once" if it's about hurting your friend.

So when the demon, the World or the flesh whisper to me "just this once", I need to respond firmly: neither does God want it or I want it. 

Because life is built from thousands of small, almost trivial decisions, but they draw two very different options: that of selfishness (only this time) or that of love (now, this time, and always)…

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