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Minors also need no prescription

Catalina's a little pregnant, almost nothing. Her pregnancy is so tiny, it's hardly a pregnancy. It's pregnancy in pencil, in a draft paper, which goes as it has come. Also, I don't know for sure, because the thing was just yesterday.
Catherine is 15 years old and goes to the pharmacy frequently. I Used to buy licorice and Clearasil for the grains. Today you buy an antacid, which does not need a prescription, because the logic anxiety of the event has generated a bit of Hyperchlorhydria, and also ask for an antibiotic for the Phlegmon. The Phlegmon is almost as small as your pregnancy, but for that, it does carry a prescription that was given to you by the dentist.

Then she will ask for the pill  "just in case"  -so her friend Loli calls her-, which is worth 20 euros (Loli, not the pill). Loli is worth much more because her father has pasta for a tube and has bought several pills (her father, not Loli) to avoid having to go to the pharmacy after being with Manolo. Catalina assumes that "just in case" is not the real name of the drug, but Nieves, who is a pharmaceutical superguay, will clarify it.

Catherine is nervous but happy. Thanks to the new pill it will be freer when you are with your cousin Borja. They have also explained in school that while the embryo does not nest you can take it away because it is as if it did not exist. And nesting only happens a few days later.
When the teacher said it in class, Richi, who is a half-witted mouth, replied: "that is like saying that until the child is not in the cradle is not a child and you can brush it". Catherine was annoyed and said "it is not the same Richi, what a brute you are"; but they all laughed because they already knew about her and Borja.

Catherine arrives at the pharmacy, but as there is an old (at least 40 years) buying, ask first the Almax for acidity and augmentin prescribed by the dentist. The Pharmacist brings it all and asks, "Do you want something else, pretty?"
As the old woman is not just leaving, Catherine takes advantage to weigh herself and check that the three ice creams she took with the Coleguis have fattened almost half a kilo. The old lady goes, and then she says: "Ah, I forgot. I also want..., the pill that... for later, do you understand me...?
Nieves looks from top to bottom and asks if it is for after eating or after being blinded by Coke with whiskey. Catherine gets mad and tells her that she knows what she's talking about and that she's entitled to the pill whatever her name is. Then Nieves replies that in the pharmacy they do not dispatch abortions even if the minister comes with a pistol; that to the done chest, and that it is thought to say to his/her father (to the one of Nieves not, to Catherine) so that it finds out what the girl does.

Catherine leaves with a considerable mosque and goes looking for another pharmacy away from her home where they do not know. At last, he finds her and they give her the famous pill. Only one? Asks the girl. The apothecary laughs at her face and tells her why she wants more. "Do you dedicate yourself to that? Are you a professional? "

Catherine has taken the pill with a glass of Coca-Cola light. She would have preferred a glass of Baylis, which is sweet as caramel and, with a little ice, you put the sea of content, but is that alcohol is not sold or prescription.
At night she thinks she can be calm; that the thing has not been important, because also most likely not to be pregnant. And if it was a very small pregnancy, and the embryo had not had time to nest. I mean, Nieves is exaggerated, but she won't tell dad anything. And If she tells him, tells him. Because she has her rights, she has heard it from a very cute minister now.
Catherine gets into bed. She has always prayed three Hail Marys, but today gives her something and she doesn't say anything. It turns off the light and starts to cry like when it was very small and could not sleep alone.

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