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Since ideals decisions are made and life is oriented.

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Since ideals decisions are made and life is oriented. These ideals can be bad or good, selfish or caring. 

There are ideals for oneself: to perfect the physical form, to lose weight, to be better informed, to give more in the work. 

There are ideals for family life: renovate furniture, better organize cleaning, fix windows, increase time for dialogue.

There are ideals in the world of work, in politics, in economics, in art, in religious life, in so many human fields. 

In the face of so many ideas, how to discern between the worst and the best? To which To pay priority attention?

It is not easy to find the answer, and that explains so many doubts on a personal level, so many confrontations with family or society. 

So, before you choose an ideal as a light that guides your own decisions, or the decisions of a people, you have to weigh it well. How? 

Some clues can be helpful. An ideal will be good if it helps us to improve as people holistically: in our body and our spirit, in our relationships and our duties.

An Ideal will be good if it allows to overcome selfishness, overcome injustices, uproot ambitions, and promotes a world more solidarity, more welcoming, more just. 

An Ideal will be good if, moreover, it not only helps us to properly confront the temporal commitments, but it opens us to the horizon of the eternal, of the encounter with God now and after the death.

Every day I make new decisions. If my ideas are good, with my choices I will be able to promote real progress, in my own life, in the life of the nearest beings, and this world so in need of justice, goodness, and beauty.

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