Responsible parenthood what does it mean? What are you forcing us to do?
Freedom is personal. The choice is too. No one knows. He learns our conscience and he learns.

Last Wednesday, February 20 was published the news about the demise of Evelyn Billings: the farewell of Evelyn Billings, pioneer of the natural fertility regulation. In 1968 -After an ecclesial period debating the question of the regulation of conception- S.S. Paul VI promulgated the encyclical Humane Vitae. This encyclical was one of the fruits of Vatican Council II; the book of the Australian marriage Billings, one of the scientific contributions in this matter of sexuality.

It was very clear to me many years ago: 
A) that every sexual act pertains exclusively to the loving relationship between the male husband and his wife; 
b) that every sexual act between the two must be open to the transmission of life. It is worth reflecting often on this Magna Carta of sexuality.
This encyclical letter made it clear that every sexual act should be open to the transmission of human life and that for this reason husbands must proceed with generosity and head, in opposition to any contraceptive approach and act individual contraceptive.
The yes to life is part of both the intentionality of each legitimate sexual act and its form of execution. Head means to be aware both that children do not come from Paris inside a sack in the beak of a stork. Or what comes to be the same as naively believing that in the matter of children God willing. They must also be aware that as a spiritual sermon it is not enough to appeal to the saying that every child comes with a loaf under his arm. Being as it is thus those who live their Christian faith must always deepen in that of the sexual act.

Otherwise, though guilty and not guilty ignorance, or through an open challenge to God like that of Eve and Adam in Paradise questioning the Natural Law, there is, as it has been everywhere, an intimate opposition to the laws of nature consisting in dissociating "with a cheap excuse" the act of love in the canonical formality of its natural consequences. The family and social result is the general low birth rate in our western and modern environment.
The constant temptation of the successive medical -pharmaceutical advances has contributed to this. Acquiring condoms in pharmacies is affordable to a common pocket. It is also related to the implantation of intrauterine devices in women or the prescription of contraceptive pills. In a more advanced step, there are two generalized gynecological welcome surgical interventions: male vasectomy and tubal ligation in women. They're irreversible.

Where are the sermons in the temples?
Freedom is personal. The choice is too. No one knows. He finds out our conscience and he finds out. For he sees everything in heaven, on earth and everywhere. Amen

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