Purity, a very strange virtue...
The virtue that shows authentic love.

St. Augustine of Hippo was a great sinner and then a great saint. In his confessions, he describes with hairs and signals his inner process of conversion to the Lord. At one point in his life, he said: "Lord, give me chastity, but not now!" Interestingly, this phrase has found me, not in his biography or a saint, but-see where-in a magazine of the heart. There was this phrase, along with other phrases from artists and singers. Of course, it couldn't be any other way. You could not find a better justification for living "happy" and the "there is going" that the phrase of a saint.
What they do not say is that the poor Augustine cost tears of repentance to have deferred so much his conversion. "I loved you late, beauty so old and so new..."
Purity is a very strange virtue these days. And strangers, almost beings from another planet, appear so many young people, boys, and girls, that in the United States, Spain, Mexico, etc. make the promise to keep virgins until marriage.
-"This is impossible!". A man said: Today purity is impossible! It hurts, psychologically you get stressed.
Sure? And yet when I talk to these guys, with these girls from fifteen to twenty-four, they seem to be as normal, without complexes, without tensions. Of course, they're not naive. Well they know they have to fight every day to keep that promise they have made. Because if they are abandoned little by little...
Where does this force lie? A celibate young man once said to Me: "is that when one has known the sea. The pools and puddles do not call you so much attention".
What this young man meant was that in the face of true love, the love of God, the family, the bride, the groom... That love that is destined to enrich you forever, the other pleasures, the other likes, the alternative outputs, come to understand us the impurity (pornography, eroticism, prostitution) lose all value. It is in that authentic love, and not in the counterfeits of love, where true happiness is found.

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