What could have been avoided
We trust that no leaf falls without God allowing it.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

The pain increases when we find that evil could have been avoided. 


Because with a bit of common sense, or more attention, or better instruments, or more honesty, it could have been avoided that accident, that dismissal, that unfair sentence.

The list of things that could have been avoided is enormous. That itself increases our distress: why do we not prevent them from occurring? 

We Can Certainly increase controls, work to be better people, avoid meeting with malicious people. But The harmful facts occur, despite so many efforts to avoid them.

So, is it necessary to be resigned in a fatalistic way to a world full of dangers, ambushes, and bacteria? 

If by resigning oneself It is understood to adopt the attitude of doing nothing, the answer is a resounding no. Everything that we try healthily to avoid damage, in oneself or others, will be welcome.

But If resigned means assuming that life will never be perfect and that oneself or others are always under cosmic or social threats, then such resignation makes sense, to avoid pathological anxieties and fears. 

Every day we face a myriad of contingencies and contingencies. Many situations run in a gentle monotony. Others lead to shocks after a slowdown, a contagious sneeze, or the slander of whom we assumed was a friend.

We put ourselves before each new situation with simplicity and realism. We Trust that no leaf falls without God allowing it. One Day we'll understand what His plan was. 

Now we walk. We strive the best we can to make good progress. And we leave in the hands of God the final result of our history, with the certainty that divine help will accompany us in the moments of peace and in the thousand times of human existence. 

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