Freedom, decisions, and consequences
freedom, decisions, consequences, reflection, decisions

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Every act of freedom begins something new in the world. Not something impossible, but something that initially could begin to exist. 

Freedom puts us before that wide horizon of possibilities. I Can go right or left, speed up or slow down, take two sandwiches with beer or one with a little water. 

After the decisions, new processes begin. If I chose to go left, maybe I'm late and a friend gets angry. Two sandwiches influence my mood and alter the results of the scale.

We are responsible for many of the consequences that we (and should) have foreseen. That is perceived dramatically by the rulers before making certain decisions. But we also experience it in the family, at work or simply by going on a tour.

So when we start our freedom, it is worth a moment of reflection on the possible options ahead. Is this act good and encourages good? Or is it bad and can generate a process of negative consequences?

We will not always be clear about everything that can happen. But at least, if we assume our responsibilities and sincerely wish to do the right thing, we will value every decision with our gaze on the possible consequences. 

Every day is full of decisions. Options can be many or few. Sometimes some are especially difficult at a particular time in life.

The important thing is to acquire that prudence that calls for help to God and good friends to rule out anything that could cause harm and to choose, generously, which promotes good, fair and beautiful consequences.

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