The mist of the future
Thatñs life, a continual way with decisions surrounded by surprises.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

In making decisions we have a certain idea about the future. A not very clear idea, with doubts about so many variables that can occur. 

Tomorrow I'm going to the city hall to fix the papers. It Will Be Possible if there is no bus delay if there are no long queues if the officer acts sensibly. 

next week I'm going to visit a family member who lives far away. It all depends on the schedules of trains, the rates, and if I avoid the unexpected flu.

The List of factors and variables is huge. That is Why the future is shrouded in an undeletable mist that worries us and almost paralyzes us. 

But we have to make decisions. One cannot live a prisoner in the face of so many uncertainties. Thank God, many projects "triumph" because things go more or less well.

Other times, new factors arise that make all plans change. Sometimes this gives us a great shame: we couldn't make it in time to see a friend before his death. 

At other times, we feel a surprising relief: Having arrived late at the airport caused that couple to lose a plane that then crashed... 

That's life, a continual path with decisions surrounded by surprises, which seem to threaten our desire for things to go as planned. 

Not always the surprises will be harmful, although sometimes they will leave us bewildered. At the end of life, we will understand a little that between so many mists and mistimes, was writing a story that has a happy ending if we seek to love God and those who walk on our side...

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