Where humanity is going
Every day we write a new page in history.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

As we observe the progress of events, we try to understand where humanity is going. 

Many theories and interpretations, from the past and the present, seek to respond. Some talk about continuous progress. Others announce the arrival of catastrophes. 

Some accuse the human being of destroying the planet. Others are confident that decisions will be made that solve serious environmental problems.

Some Praise Scientific advancement as a source of well-being and wisdom. Others exalt ways of life that are simpler and harmonized with nature. 

Some rejoice because people do not believe in sin or eternal life. Others predict the advent of a resurgence of religions.

In the face of so many theories, the question arises: can we know where humanity is going? Is It possible to reach a fair perspective to understand what Is happening around us? 

Christianity offers its answer, based on a certainty that gives hope: God has already intervened, decisively, in history. 

Christ came into the world, offered the gift of mercy, opened men the way to receive divine sonship, overcame sin and death.

Every man, every woman, can freely respond to the offering of Christ. According to their decisions, the world is closer to God or prefers paths that move him away from true Life. 

Every day we write a new page of history. It will be catastrophic if we let selfishness, ambition, pride, sensuality, dominate hearts.

It Will Be Beneficial If we let God soften our souls and teach us the way of conversion, love, justice, and mercy...

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