The future in the hands of God
God leads human history

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Sometimes we hear that the future is in the hands of the young, or the intellectuals, or the workers, or of new parliamentarians, or the employers, or of the unions, or the judges, or other people…


With these phrases, we formulate desires and hopes, but above all, an invitation to take seriously the responsibilities of the present, because of them depends on a good part of what will be the future.

If we go further, we can recognize that the future is not in the hands of more important groups or entrepreneurs, because what happens in history depends on everyone, even those who seem less influential. 

And if we continue on our way to understand better in the hands of who is the future, we will discover the presence and the action, often not recognized but no less decisive, of God.

Indeed, the action of God in history does not have the characteristics of the "brilliance" of the decisions of an energetic president or of the votes of a union to go or not to go to a strike. It is also true that God has made us free, and will never crush that freedom he has given us.

But it is also true that in surprising ways, and above the most insightful analyses, God leads human history. First, thanks to thousands of Hearts who accept their Love and transmit it to their fellows. Second, also through those who do not think for anything in God, but become workers of God's mysterious plan on men.

So the future is always in the hands of God. If we go to Him with a humble prayer, if we seek to live the great commandment of love, human history will be able to advance with fewer stumbles and sorrows, and with more justice and beauty. Which, in short, is God's dream for us and the innermost yearning of the human heart.

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