The famous: Never again
​“Never again”…It is good, it is necessary, to wish that failures are not repeated.

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It is a phrase that some throw into the wind after serious mistakes have occurred: it will never happen again. 

Uncovers a case of corruption among politicians. Some Parliamentarians shout No more corruption in government positions. 

Serious dangers are discovered in the quality of food. A propaganda pamphlet begins to circulate: the same will never happen again.

The jump to the news mistakes and deficiencies in the hospitals. A politician promises that there will never be oversights to harm the sick. 

"Nevermore" promise, however, is often false. Because certain errors are inevitable. Because even people who are today honored tomorrow can be tempted by a bribe.

Those who promise "never again" will have diverse motives for proclaiming that phrase. One is a certain naivety and lack of experience. 

Instead, who has a minimum of knowledge of human volubility and how complex our world is, knows that it is very easy to repeat mistakes and damage from the past.

Another reason to use (and abuse) of "nevermore" is more serious: wanting to deceive people. Because It is easy to promise, after a scandal, that it will not happen again to get votes. 

Both naivety and deceit are enough reasons not to give credence to those who throw their famous "Never again." The ones, because we can't leave the responsibility to naïve. The others, because those who lie do not deserve our trust.

"Never again"... It is good, it is necessary, to wish that failures are not repeated. Surely we will not be able to keep them away, but we can take effective ways to make it more difficult for them to happen again.

Among these effective ways, one is not to listen to naive or liars, to work seriously with those who offer realistic tracks to improve, while we prepare to face new blows and damage (we can not always avoid) with Serenity and patience.

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