Endless Discussions
Let´s look for a dialogue that takes us to the truth.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Start a debate. Arguments and counterarguments. That seems to never end. 

Why does the above happen? First, because there are different points of view. One says abortion should be seen as right. Another considers it a crime. The discussion begins.

In intense debates, ideas and more ideas are added, with an order or with the disorder, from uncontrolled feelings or with well-elaborated ironies. 

The Discussion is extended, among parliamentarians, in the online comments of news, in an endless blog, at the table with family or friends.

Thus Begin endless discussions, in which some affirm, rebate, attack, while others respond, defend, counterattack. 

In the end, because everything has to end in the continuous flow of time, a certain feeling of fatigue and boredom leads to thinking that everything has been useless.

Perhaps Some (even the two or more participants) sings victory. In Reality, there is an only real victory in any human dialogue when a closer or lesser approach to the truth occurs. 

I just started a new discussion. The issue, this time, is about whether Christ founded the Church. Interventions and more interventions.

It Will Help, in that and any other debate, never to forget that we speak among human beings and that behind the arguments there are stories that we do not know now fully. 

Then, if there are respect and seriousness, the interventions will help to clarify the positions, to see the points in favor or against each thesis.

We hope that this time, surely from God's help (another interesting topic for a discussion...), the truth will be made close, and then each one of the interlocutors will adhere, joyfully, to it.

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