The train or the plane has to leave. One last hug, perhaps some tear, and the journey begins.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

There are some tough goodbyes. Because together we had a good time and a storm. Because we help each other and feel free in a sincere friendship. Because we don't know if a reunion will be possible.

But It's time to say goodbye. The game will put distances in our lives. Perhaps tenuous, thanks to electronic means, but no less real: the relationship will not be the same.

There Are so many memories of shared experiences. Dialogues, perhaps discussions, joint work, moments of difficulty, reunions, AIDS, gifts, ideals that pushed towards new goals. 

Life is on its way. It doesn't end a friendship, but it won't be like before. The important thing is to see the good shared during a common history stage so that it continues to enlighten the present and the future.

The farewell leaves open possibilities of reunion here on Earth. Thanks to a journey it will be possible that joy of being together, of verifying the changes (also the Grays) in each one, of communicating an authentic friendship.

That reunion Doesn't always happen. The passing of time can cool a relationship with the arrival of new people in their respective lives. But for the full human love, there are always ways to keep the union of spirits burning. 

We hope, from shared faith, to meet in heaven, under the merciful love of a Father God who sends his Son. It Was that Son who called the Humans "friends" and always wanted to be with us in the Spirit.

The train or the plane has to leave. One last hug, maybe some tear, and the journey begins. Two friends say goodbye with sorrow, but also with the certainty that the good thing that joined them will keep their strength now and in the definitive world of the skies...

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