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Change: Easier than it looks

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Can I change? Start a different life? Leave sin away? Break with selfishness and run to love? 

Are questions that come at a time when we are confused, or with an astonishingly clear mind. These are questions that need an answer.

By knowing the stories of some people near, or distant, or from the past, we see that change is possible. 

Yes: There are hundreds, thousands of people who have been able to achieve it. Or, better, they have let Christ change their hearts.

The forgiveness of the Messiah, with the help of the Savior, we can all change. It Will Be possible through a difficult or easy way, but the important thing is the goal: to begin to live as children of God. 

It is easier than it seems: the conversion is so at the hands of all that we can only give thanks to God because he offers it continually.

However, the initial questions come back. I'm Not dreaming? So Many times I thought it was time for conversion, and then I'm still the same. 

There Are difficulties, certainly. The past has a much greater weight than we imagined. But God is omnipotent, and today, like yesterday, he does miracles.

The miracle that I hope, that I need and that He wants to give me, is the rupture with sin in my life and full income in the world of Love. 

The Clock is running before my eyes. Every moment offers an opportunity for conversion. The same God reminds Me: Now it is the favorable time, now is the day of salvation... (cf. 2Co 6.2).

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