God's Mysterious Silence
God's silence is always surprising.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Human history is made up of some moments filled with pain and anguish, such as: diseases, earthquakes, wars, economic crises, droughts, and floods.

In the face of so many dramas, especially those that could be avoided with goodwill and generous hearts, there’s a question that always arises: why did God not intervene?

Wouldn't He have been able to avoid a lot of pain if He had anticipated the death of the one who later became a ruthless dictator? Wouldn't it have relieved the poor if He had touched the hearts of so many bankers to be less selfish and more attentive to the common good?

God's silence is always surprising.

It would be ideal for people to care for the sick, to stop the cannons, to promote safer constructions, or to avoid the damage caused by arsonists.

Above all, people should point their hearts away from evil and redirect them right way. Wouldn't there be fewer tears if there were fewer sins?

Sometimes we would like God to triumph over injustice in the Gospel, rather than having to go through humiliation and and death at the cross.

God is good, but his designs are incomprehensible. It is not subject to our plans, nor are we able to understand why it endowed humans with a freedom that can turn people into cruel servants of evil.

In the face of this mystery, our hearts are silent and they pray and they wait in hopes that one day we will understand.

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