Towards Human Perfection
Act now with your gaze upon that ultimate goal.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Every day we start by waking up, have some coffee, bread and jam, fit your shirt, fit your pants well, etc.

Then, we arrive to the office to order papers and files. Hours and hours of work, among greetings, messages on the phone, glances out the window, attention to the clock.

The time has come to return home to end the day with the latest news, the pending messages, the noise of the neighbors, the streetlights on the street.

Throughout our daily activities we face small goals, such as a completed work full of satisfaction. Other times, the goals are bigger like finding a new job, make the decision for the summer place, accept or reject a complicated loan, or meet with a doctor who will impose a new therapy.

At what point can we say that the race is over, that we have reached the desired goal? All the options look like temporary stops: they serve a specific time, and then launch us to new targets.

Would there be a definitive goal then? Will it be death, that which swallows up everything, that erases debts and leaves unfinished friendships and promises? Or should we recognize that there is a God, an eternal Heaven, and a place of fullness and joy? For only after death it is possible to reach a definitive place, fullness and bliss without measure.

Act now with your gaze upon that ultimate goal.

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