The small and the big
The small is like a rung that allows to climb little by little towards the virtue or to lower gradually towards the vice.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We know it: small acts prepare large acts. But we have a hard time applying. 

Because the big thing raises greater respect and sense of responsibility, while the small is seen as unimportant and not relevant. 

However, the small conquests, the victories in things that seem inconsequential, prepare the will and the heart for the great things.

Teaching is in the Gospel: "He Who is faithful in the least is also in much; And the one that is unfair in the least, is also very much "(Lk 16.10). 

Also, the authors of the spiritual life speak of the subject. For example, San Doroteo of Gaza in its famous conferences.

"I will repeat it always, by the small things, to ask for example: what is this? What is that?, will be born in the soul a harmful habit and we will underestimate even the important things "(" Lectures "VI). 

In his work "spiritual combat", Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli stresses the same idea by remembering how sometimes we make a great effort to avoid serious things and then easily give in small things.

"From there it is ordinarily that there are so few who reach a high degree of perfection; Because after having subjected the greatest vices and overcome the greatest difficulties, they lose their spirits and do not want to continue to become force themselves; Well they do not have to hold but very easy and light combat to destroy some thin relics of his own will, and to hold some little passions which, fortificándose from day to day, finally seize his heart "(" The Spiritual Combat ", chap. 12).

The small is like a rung that allows one to climb little by little towards the virtue or to lower gradually towards the vice. 

That's why, in those moments that seem of little importance, we play a lot: slipping along the easy way that leads to perdition (cf. Mt 7,13-14), or the difficult but beautiful ascent that leads to the fullness of life, to greater love for God and the brothers.

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