Letter to an abortion survivor
You survive and testify that your life is worth, like any human life

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:


Some say you should not have been born, that "repressive" laws prevented your destruction, or that the doctor was mistaken in the prenatal test. 

That's why they think your existence is wrong, that only by "guilt" of others you are here in the world. 

Thanks to a minimum of ethical awareness they didn't end up with you. You've passed the Labor frontier and now you're protected by the law.

But many human beings like you do not come to that moment because they were eliminated because of abortion: legal or non-legal, in each abortion ends with the life of a child. 

You survive and testify that your life is worth, like any human life. Maybe you have a "flaw", maybe they left you in the hospital. But many good hearts have begun to give you support on the path of your life.

I don't know what you'll feel when, as an adult, you listen to many defending abortion. It will be a very noble gesture on your part if you help others to receive the children before childbirth. 

Think about what you think in the future, you can defend your ideas in public only because you are alive in the world of those who have been born because you have been sustained and helped in your human fragility.

Although some say that your existence is the result of diagnostic errors, miscarriages, or laws that prevent that which they call "voluntary interruption of pregnancy", you now have in your hand's options of freedom that others have been denied.

The desire of the heart that you use that freedom for good, for justice, to support so many innocent people in precarious situations. To defend the discarded of the world, the poor, those who are seen as inferior by those who consider themselves judges who decide on the life or death of others.

Go your way. You won the first battle. There will be new threats, but now you are visible and protected. Your eyes, your smile, your tears, they come to others. And your hands can touch other hands that want to build a world a little human and fairer.

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