Is faith blind or are we the blind to have no faith?
Before the mystery of the created world, we need to know also why and who is behind all this.

A few years ago, when I lived in Santiago de Guayaquil, one night while driving across a long bridge in the city, I saw something very strange. The bridge was jammed with cars because everyone had parked and the drivers outside their vehicles were looking at the sky, taking pictures full of surprise. I joined the collective curiosity; besides that, I had no other by the tremendous knot of cars that had been formed. And while I was stopping the car, my co-driver, after having slightly removed his head from the window to see what was that event in the sky that had captivated the crowd, he said almost breathless: you will not believe what is in the sky...

I will not lengthen the story, but I cannot deny that I was also breathless when I saw that object flying, full of lights, which was held in the sky and looked so sharply. The next day in the morning, the newspapers were in charge of solving the mystery when a neighbor recognized his mischief: it had occurred to him to try a new kite that had bought, which had light bulbs embedded everywhere.

In the face of mystery, humans need answers. We do not have enough partial or half-truths; to be told that it is Santa Claus on his sleigh or the Martians who came to visit us. We need to know how, why, when, what of things. We do not have enough truths in half, we need truths that respond to our desire to know the truth, the full and absolute truth that our reason demands.

In the face of the mystery of the created world, of life and existence, there are not enough partial truths. It is not enough to know how the world was formed, the work that science performs with innumerable and heroic efforts; we need to know also why and who is behind all this, there must be someone behind. Not just something, but someone. Things and objects without reason or will cannot be the cause of such a complex and orderly world, endowed with rational beings.

As you want to express the video, it is reasonable to believe in God. It is much more logical to believe in God if we look at him with an open mind and common sense. To think that all creation sprang up spontaneously as a result of randomness requires a lot of faith. I think it is very clear and logical the video when he launches the question: if there was a Big Bang, shouldn't there also be a Big banger?

Atheism requires faith. It takes blind faith to believe that everything comes from nothing. But it only takes reason to believe that everything comes from God.

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