Worn out
There are people who wear, have a fixed idea, looking to realize their project, everything seems lawful to achieve it.

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There are people who wear out. They have a fixed idea. They seek to carry out their project. Everything seems lawful to them to reach it. If you cross your path, you are lost.

How to live when we meet a person like that? One can opt to retire and leave that person free field: to triumph and enjoy his "victory", although that victory is nothing more than a lie or, worse still, a much more serious injustice.

Other times you feel and know that you have to put dike: we cannot allow something bad to progress thanks to the pressures of an obsessive and arrogant personality.

Then start the shock, and wear... with one argument the other responds with fallacious arguments, with half-lies, with obvious falsehoods, with malicious maneuvers, with an incessant bombardment of actions of different type.

It's not easy to stay in the fight. It tires enormously to receive, one after the other, blows of obsessive people, who use their deformed intelligence to defend erroneous ideas or obvious manipulations.

But surrender is to leave the field open to ideas or even actions that will promote the advancement of lies and injustice. So, what to do? The question is more agonizing when we see the inertia of those who can intervene and do not.

In situations like this, it's worth a moment of silence. Before starting a fight that will cause wear and humor, we need to go to prayer. There are things that arguments cannot get, while God does manage to change hearts.

We need to trust God and ask for his light. We will then look more closely at the possibilities that exist within our reach and seek out those ways that allow us to build bridges and move towards the truth.

Then we'll have to wait. There are those who are almost completely blinded by their prejudices. Perhaps someday they will open the eyes of their soul, and we may come to a fair concord.

But if the fight goes ahead, we must avoid succumbing to aggressive words and low blows. We cannot be bitter or wear out uselessly. With love and respect, it will be possible to achieve something, little or much. Meanwhile, let us wait and ask God for our brother in need.


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